Jesse Fernandez


Thats Me
So True, They Are Like Im Not Drunk Yet Haha
Watching Half Baked
Going To Feed This Niggah
Beast Ass Song
Popcorn For Days
The Rana Dancing To Just Dance
Just Walking My Fish
What Sloths Say, They Scare Me
Made Eggs+hashbrowns ❤
What We Send To People On SnapChat Hahahah
21 Grams Of That Bombass Weed
#outfit #OOTD
Me On My Birthday
Still Alive Niggahs
Im Running Away Niggahz
Where Are The Zombies
Good By World :( Yupp True Religions
This Girl Wants The "D" Hahahaha
Best Candy Ever ❤
Bought Some Odd Future Shirts ❤
Coconut Juice Is Bomb
Thats Me
Bombass Mexican Food
Checkout My Name It Moves
Hanging Out
Hello World Im A Sloth
What I Listen To When Im Bored
Still Up
Enjoying Life