Quinton Johnsimmons


I just wanna be your favorite.....
3 types of nighas in this world: *nighas that make shid happen *nighas that watch shid happen *nighas that dont even know wtf is going on
Lips turning black and shid..*shrugs
I need another night like this...@murderbeewrote
I really dont wanna go to class tho
Complaining ass hoes
READY WHEN YOU ARE! @arianagrande
Yall better get up on them starbucks rewards smh ?
Stress over ya? Naw me ok..
My face is growing....maybe it's just the beard lol
Don't worry its coming just wait on it....Aquarius
I'm saying tho!
I'm high, drunk....?
Ummm....@thatshekinah @majorgirl we need a B.A.P.S 2. When can we expect it? ??
I like it rough don't be gentle my nigha, it ain't rocket science it's simple my nigha.
...just saying tho
Haircut please.....
At work....on a Sunday.
I just wanna be great...
...angry customer lol
Starcrack got me here...I rather be home lol morning tho
Can I leave now?!
Didn't wanna wake up
E to Full!! ??? why they mad at Obama again?
???? HEAVEN!
Bruh I'm in a bomb ass mood!! ??
Woke up in a gud ass mood! ?? Morning!
And I've seen it a billion times!!
The kidd wanted to ride today...
I don't wanna get out this car...morning ????
Happy Thanksgiving from me and my nighas
Hit me up for details..Summer2015
Florence, Italy! Hit me up if you wanna travel to Europe summer 2015
And I ain't even logged in yet smh Morning
...??? summer 2015 hit me up for details. European trip London and Paris for a week.
Morning! ??❄❄❄⛄⛄
It's my window...I can't stand the rain...???
All I do at work...
MORE PICS COMING!! Cozumel Cruise 11/14
Well...round 2 on this cruise ship thing..
IM UP IM UP!! I don't like Mondays but I'm happy I woke up..???
I broke out for the party lol
Oh how I can't wait till you come back home.....
OMG... can I please just go back to sleep. ???
Fam ?
Tell me what you think we hustle for I just wanna buy the world Do the impossible
Da fuck do I pre order at?
Morning! Make that money...
My morning!
Bishh wheetttt!!! I be live...
Thug life! ?
Thumbs up...wish me luck!
Last night was cool...
Might as well
Backseat riding!
Me and the baeeebiiii!!
Cloud 9!
Like bitch stop at shell I got you lmao
Beautiful morning today!
Just like that ?
My and J-Dawg!
???? morning!!
Goood Morning!!
I just be chilling....
I just be chilling!!! ??
I do have a big head....lol
Goooodddd morninnggg!!
*sighs* ???
When your mind is going 100mph I guess you forget how to sleep...
Morning work flow or whatever. ... Kik:JustThatNigha
Morning ride around 1deep!!
This morning run!!! ???
I woke up like this!...well after I got ready for work Morning
Morning happy 4th and shid
It is what it is...
It's in the morning and I wanna kiss you. ...it's in the morning and I wanna love you. ...MORNING!!
Got caught slipping but I LIKE IT!! ??