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The Week on EyeEm is here! Check it out: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/the-week-on-eyeem-38-2018
From over 700,000 submissions to 100: We’re over the moon to present this year’s outstanding EyeEm Awards finalists! See the full line-up at https://www.eyeem.com/awards #EyeEmAwards18
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Our Spotlight On series aims to shine a light on talented emerging photographers. Today, we get to know Taiwanese photographer Black Wu: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/spotlight-on-black-wu
Photographer spotlight: Gabriella Achadinha's photos of landscapes and people are conveying a message of character, as well as natural beauty.
ICYMI: The most eye-catching pictures on EyeEm from the past week → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/the-week-on-eyeem-34-2018
Visual Interviews is an ongoing EyeEm series where we get to know artists and photographers through textless Q&A's. Today we are featuring the work of Swedish photographer David Stenbeck, who defines himself as a “spiritual misleader”: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/visual-interview-surreal-and-spiritual-photography-by-david-stenbeck
The Week on EyeEm is here! Have a look: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/the-week-on-eyeem-32-2018
15 ways of seeing: Solitude → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/15-ways-of-seeing-solitude
How do you embrace the season's long, sunny days? ☀️ Show us the sports that you enjoy in the warmer months in our new Mission → https://www.eyeem.com/m/abd9076b-4462-42f2-b2dc-4f8befdede66
15 ways of seeing: Light → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/15-ways-of-seeing-light
Get to know photographer Maciek Jasik and his wonderland of colors and lights: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/maciek-jasik-s-wonderland-of-color-and-lights
Our Spotlight On series aims to shine a light on talented emerging photographers. Today, we get to know photographer and graphic design student Carmen Rodríguez: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/spotlight-on-carmen-rodriguez
“Make it something the whole world can connect with.” The 2018 EyeEm Awards jury gives their tips for success. Read on → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/the-2018-eyeem-awards-jury-gives-their-tips-for-success
Exploring the outdoors with 2017 EyeEm Awards winner Guiga Pirá → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/exploring-the-outdoors-with-2017-eyeem-awards-winner-guiga-pira
The most eye-catching pictures on EyeEm from the past week → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/the-week-on-eyeem-30-2018
Is 10 your lucky number? We’re partnering with Lumix to celebrate their 10th anniversary of their LUMIX G cameras – which have been one of the first mirrorless system cameras! Capture anything 10 in your life for a chance to win a Lumix GX9 camera: https://www.eyeem.com/m/5df81a60-1733-40c6-9083-9f8f1f30b4dc
World Cup 2018: France celebrating their victory in Paris → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/world-cup-2018-france-celebrating-their-victory-in-paris
To honor the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, we're partnering with Represent Global - Dance Like Mandela to celebrate the humanitarian's life in a series of photo Missions. Read more here: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/the-troublemakers-celebrating-those-who-fight-for-change-with-represent-global
#EyeEmAwards18: The Portraitist, presented by Google Pixel 2, is all about bringing a subject’s expressions to life in a single snapshot. We chatted with Product Manager Isaac Reynolds about the Pixel Camera, and what he thinks makes a great portrait. Read the full interview here: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/eyeemawards18-introducing-the-portraitist-a-partnership-with-google-pixel-2
The most eye-catching pictures on EyeEm from the past week, selected by our photo team: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/the-week-on-eyeem-29-2018
"Street photography can be done anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t even have to be on the street." Last year's EyeEm Awards winner Julie Hrudova shares some insights on her work, and what projects she's been up to since winning the award → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/into-the-streets-with-2017-eyeem-award-winner-julie-hrudova
#EyeEmAwards18: With only a couple of weeks left to submit your work, we decided to highlight some of the beautiful submissions so far. Are you ready to get inspire? → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/eyeemawards18-a-handful-of-inspiring-submissions-so-far
15 Ways of Seeing: Silence → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/15-ways-of-seeing-silence
We're excited to be teaming up with Space For Arts, the leading resource for photo studio rentals, to provide 100 hours of studio space for photographers in New York City! Read more here → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/announcing-100-hours-of-studio-space-for-photographers-in-nyc
With the World Cup coming to a close this weekend, we spoke to Liverpool-based photographer Michael Kirkham about his project 'Urban Goals'. For the last three years, he has travelled around the UK capturing the urban goals which inhabit some of the most deprived areas of the country: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/childhood-hopes-and-dreams-michael-kirkham-s-urban-goals
We hosted a Mission with Intrepid Travel to celebrate the many ways travel brings people together around the world. Mission winner Ina Bånrud shares some insights about her travels with in Vietnam and Cambodia. See more here → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/vietnam-and-cambodia-intrepid-travel-mission-winner-ina-s-journey
We sat down with Highsnobiety's Image Director Nik Schulte, to discuss what he's looking for when judging works submitted to this year's Awards category, 'The Street Photographer'. Read the full interview here → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/eyeemawards18-street-photography-tips-from-highsnobiety-s-nik-schulte
The most eye-catching pictures on EyeEm from the past week → eyeem.com/blog/the-week-on-eyeem-28-2018
The Earth is filled with infinite experiences, wonders and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. These 15 images will inspire you to travel → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/15-images-that-will-inspire-you-to-travel
Visual Interview: Cinematic storytelling with Johnny Keethon → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/visual-interview-cinematic-storytelling-with-johnny-keethon
20 soccer fields around the world → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/world-cup-2018-soccer-fields-around-the-world
As part of this year's EyeEm Awards category 'The Fashion Photographer', we chatted to London-based photographer Daniel Bruno Grandl to find out what it’s like to capture candid moments in the streets: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/where-fashion-photography-meets-the-streets
Takeover Alert: The incredible Harimao Lee is hosting a 3-day takeover on our IG! It's gonna be a beauty → https://www.instagram.com/eyeemphoto
15 ways of seeing: Ultra Violet → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/15-ways-of-seeing-ultra-violet
FIFA World Cup 2018: A photographic look at its host country Russia → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/fifa-world-cup-2018-a-photographic-look-at-its-host-country
Photo Exhibition: Join us for an evening celebrating the winners of our 'Creative Space' Mission with Space For Arts. From more than 12,000 submissions in just one week, we'll exhibit the top 30 images. RVSP here → https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eyeem-x-space-for-arts-photo-exhibition-creative-space-tickets-47443377419
We hosted a Mission with Intrepid Travel to celebrate the many ways travel brings people together around the world. Meet the fourth winner Silas Zindel, who shares his travel adventures in Cuba with us: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/cuba-intrepid-travel-mission-winner-silas-zindel-s-trip-of-a-lifetime
Photographer Chèrmelle Edwards shares her best tips on how to connect with your subjects, and be your own creative director → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/how-to-connect-with-your-subjects-and-be-your-own-creative-director
5 tips for getting started and creative with drone photography: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/5-tips-for-getting-started-and-creative-with-drone-photography
#EyeEmAwards18: The Fashion Photographer category, presented by MBFW.Berlin, is all about images that seamlessly blend fashion, art and photography together. Show us where high fashion meets fine art – submit your work now: https://www.eyeem.com/m/615d00fb-211a-479e-bef5-6eba2092fcd6
June marks the official Pride month for LGBTQ+ communities around the world. As part of our #NotYourCliche content series, we want your stories from Pride in our new Mission → https://www.eyeem.com/m/d580b837-b888-49ff-9633-c43de1891cd5
A photograph should have the ability to communicate a sense of humanity. Here we bring you real visual representation of skin to embrace different skin tones, scars and imperfections → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/notyourcliche-photos-showing-the-beauty-of-real-skin
Get your dose of photography inspiration! The Week on EyeEm is here ⚡️ https://www.eyeem.com/blog/the-week-on-eyeem-25-2018
15 ways of seeing: shadows → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/15-ways-of-seeing-shadows
Call to artists: We're seeking standout creative photography series to feature in our next print magazine, on the theme of Earth. Submit your work → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/call-to-artists-planet-b 🌍
We're excited to introduce our new, interactive experience on EyeEm Magazine. Now, you can like photos or follow EyeEm users directly from an article. See more here → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/introducing-an-interactive-experience-on-eyeem-magazine
#EyeEmAwards18: The Architect category, presented by ArchDaily, is all about the beauty of architecture and spaces around you. Show us the lines, shapes, and angles that make architecture so photogenic. Submit now → https://www.eyeem.com/awards Eyeemawards18
Don't miss The Week on EyeEm: A handpicked selection of the week's best photos → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/the-week-on-eyeem-24-2018
We want your 2018 World Cup stories ⚽️ Submit your ideas now → https://www.eyeem.com/blog/call-to-artists-we-want-your-2018-world-cup-stories