Tari Akhmad


My attitude based on how you treat me.
Be strong Indonesia. Indonesia isn't afraid. I'm so proud to be Indonesian. 💜💛💚❤💙
Indonesia isn't afraid! 👌💪
My new mate!! So in love with red! 👜💋💞
How I spend this year with lovely peoples. Thanks 2015 for awesome moments and blessed life. You'll be missed! I wish everything will be nice in 2016. Amiiiinnnn.. Welcome 2016. Start new year with Bismillah. 😇🎆🎉🎊💕 Happynewyear Welcome2016
My face after exam 😁
Big eyes 🙈
She feels comfort in my arms 👭💞😍 Besties Love Partnerincrime Beauty
My buddies!😘💞
This is what I called paradise 💕
Black and white edition. Am I look so childish? 😂😂
My twin 😀👭
Hehe 🙈🙈
Hehe 🙈🙉🙊
Me time! Happy tummy! Yayyy 😹👌😁
I'm trying to establish good relationship with other. But apparently not everyone according to what I expected. I greet well, but as if it were ignored. Its okay, no problem. I know everyone has a different character. Let them ignore me, the most important is Allah always beside me. Respect peoples who judge or hate me. Dont waste your time to hate others. Enjoy your day. Life is too beautiful. ☺❤ Enjoy Respect Spreadlove Staypositive StayHumble Goahead
friendship in real life. 👭💟😊
Bestie! My partner in crime! 💋👊
Books. Window. Blue. Sky. And I.
Selfie on the mirror (2) Me Mirror Hijab Selfie
One and only. 💞
Someone send me this on whatsapp. So thank you. I love blue sky btw. Very beautiful 😍⛅🍁💞 Sky Blue Love Nature Nofilterneeded
Black and white edition
My silly face today 😂😂😂
When edelweiss make me fallin' in love ❤💞
Its hurt for me to remember how you leave me and go with other women. But i know life must go on. Thats it! I quit, I'm moving on.
Everlasting flower.. Edelweiss. 💞🌾🍁 Love Flower Everlasting Fave  Flower Edelweiss
He will be loved 💞 David Jhon Schaap 😘❤
Forget haters, bcz somebody love ya! ✌😘
You don't need to be happy with someone who you think special. See? The sky shining and smile to me. Its more than happiness. Perfect!! Skyyyy!!! I'm in love!!!!! ❤💞👌😘🌞⛅
Thats why I loved this guy. So humble, energic, and easy going. David jhon schaap 💞💞 MyTripMyAdventure
Sometimes everyone make me bored. 😿
123... Take a selfie on mirror 😁
Beach, I'm in love 🍁❤🍃🌊
No caption needed..
Explore Indonesia with you.. David John Schaap 💞💞
Djs. 💞 MyTripMyAdventure
David, I hope I can walk around and visit beautiful country in Indonesia with you. 💞💞💞 MyTripMyAdventure
david jhon schaap ❤ MyTripMyAdventure First Eyeem Photo