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As panel for LDK Mockinterview UitmPerak Jihan, Me and @ashzeetashukur
After Hi Tea for JPK UitmPerak @ Damai Laut Golf and Country Resort
^__^ Senyum sampai telinga sebab dapat kongsi stage dengan @hafizhamidun Senyum sampai telinga sebab dapat CD free sekali autograph Hafiz Hamidun Senyum sampai telinga sebab Hafiz Hamidun ingat nama... Hahaha Selalu xde rezeki tengok konsert Hafiz Hamidun and yesterday im a lucky girl... Weee~~~ Thank you and congratulations JPK Kolejpasirsalak for the super duper havoc Malam Kemuncak Kesenian Islam UitmPerak Music Deen zikir islam nasyeed
*unwritten* Ibu suruh upload ^^ Dinner FacultyOfAccountancy Englishgarden
Wear whatever you wish as long you keep your modesty, as long you aware of your aurat cause Islam never stop anyone to be fashionable just that when you want to wear something please recheck the aurat checklist.... ^__^ Wonderful English Garden dinner at Suen Hotel for Faculty of Accountancy *Thank you AinulsCollection for
English Garden Theme Dinner for Faculty of Accountancy UiTM Perak Accountancy UitmPerak Dinner English garden
Untuk sesiapa yang kelapangan dijemput hadir ^^ BACK TO BASIC KEM AUDIT SOLAT anjuran KolejInderaSakti di PusatIslam UitmPerak Kem audit solat backtobasic deen islam
Celebrating our lovely Madam Aileen Birthday Accountancy Alltimefav Lecturer Mother classmates uitmperak lovely awesome almightybless
Kerja dua pagi Campur tangan me, si Budak Account, da roomates Si Budak Landscpae Architecture & Si Quantity Surveyor Thank you si pencoret alphabet, @ezzayaniazamuddin *Whole class Birthday Shout Write for Madam Aileen* Sanah Helwah Birthday Yaniepandaitolongtulis akudengansitipewarnategarjeee
Once upon a time... ^^ peminat tegar Nyum Nyum sampai sekarang
Ceramah and concert by the superb Legend Nasyeed Group Unic and ImamMudaNazrul UitmPerak deen islam ^^
Monopod 2 in 1 It can be a monopod and it can be an umbrella :p *Monopod Cap Payung* Monopod Rm10 Terlajaklaris
Congratulations Team Nasyid KolejInderaSakti 3rd place is a great achievement "Pertandingan Nasyid sempena Festival Kesenian Islam anjuran Kolejpasirsalak kerjasama ACIS & Mpp " ^__^ Shah, Pijie, Fairuz & Wadi TeamBidarians nasyeed Islam melody UitmPerak
17 February... Happy Annivesary 27th Bacth of MrsmTaiping 408/508 :) :) :) A place where I met those super duper great people...They great in their own way...They are all the unsung legend.. ^^ Bukantypo 27thbacth 94 seveneleven Ansara
^___^ My Alltimefav Niece  Syaima Seronoknyaaa dapat jumpa dia hari ni... Makin comel, makin nakal :p *Senang cite hari ni dapat jumpa ramai orang yang aku sayang * <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Selfie matakeciksebelahpadahnangisbanyak
^___^ seronoknyaaaaa dah lama tak jumpa Bye Bye Aiman and Mukmin :) :) :) May Allahh bless and ease everything Classmates 408 508 MrsmTaiping theyflytoaussie
Goodbye memory... Jihad mereka di negara orang.. Jihad kami di negeri sendiri... Ukhwahfillah... 2007-hereafter.... @nurafidahshabudin @syiracullen @nurolsyakirah take care and all the best in aussie.. MrsmLenggong MrsmTaiping MrsmTGB Friendship ukhwah sisterhood ansara flytoaussie klia mukatahannagis
Me & @lyndaahaslynda ^^ Ahead to Klia insyaAllah... @syiracullen @fidashabuddin wait for us keyh <3 <3 <3 <3 Besties Friends Almightybless syiragonnafly brisbane aussie kitatolongtengoktolonghantarjee
JOM ~~~~ * its a sunnah * Repost Thesunnahthebetter Alkhaf Islam deen almightybless
I am, by fate companion to you.. You are, by fate companion to me.. If ever two were one, then surely we. If ever friend were loved by friend, then thee... Our friendship is such that rivers cannot quench, Nor aught but love, respect and loyalty from thee give recompense. Thy our friendship and memory is such me, you or others can no way repay... The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray. Then while we live, even far away our friendship lets so persever, That when we live no more we may live ever in our memories and shall be till Jannah, I pray... Cause I know I already miss you and will miss you for always, this self written poem I wrote for you Hanun Insyirah.. NurSyiffaRosman {LOC} *Will miss you @syiracullen for always....Have a good life ahead in Aussie....* Besties Friends Lovely Ansara MrsmTaiping MrsmLenggong jannah almightybless friendship tonyekcrew punk awesome
Will always be Alltimefav Novel TheKiteRunner by Khaled Hosseini * I still remember the first person recommended this novel is my awesome form 4 Physic teacher, Sir Idris... and no doubt this novel is great.... :)
Look upon the sky ... Soar and Fly... Make a wish... Make a move... Take the chance... and Catch your dream... When something bothering you... Look upon the sky... Look around you.. Seek Almighty and ask for strength.... You will be fine.... InsyaAllah... ^^ SubhanaAllah, beautiful scenery of UitmPerak sky high.. ~Just an unsung legend and a non stop fighter~ NurSyiffaRosman {LOC} Almightybless Loc  Deen Islam muslim sky nofilter
ANYONE INTRESTED ? Button awesome PROMOTION RM 5 for two ! 1st design: (Pink) JOM SOLAT ! :"HARI Yang SIBUK membuatkan solat SUSAH, SOLAT membuatkan hari yang sibuk SENANG 2nd design: (purple) DOA ! "YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE WEAPONS IN THE WORLD BUT I HAVE MY DOA" BERMINAT ? DO WHATSAPP at 017 5283454 ONLY FOR UitmPerak STUDENTS Islam Deen Productivemuslim button :) :) :) May Allah bless ~~~
Red annd Black ^^ Ootd Loc
^_^ With our beautiful Bussniess lecturer, Miss Haniza Which one is the lecturer ? Hahaha ^_^ Accountancy Classmates Lecturer Coolio UitmPerak BuangBelakang
"DUNYA, A BATTELFIELD AGAINST NAFS " All of us are the non stop fighters, an archer who shoot the nafs.. Beware upon the nafs that surround us Beware upon the nafs that might kill us if we dont fight against it, if we dont shoot it than it will kill us without any of our conscious... May Almighty Bless.. ~Just an unsung legend and a non stop fighter~ NurSyiffaRosman {LOC} *lukis sesambil tengok Maharaja Lawak yang hambar* hmmm :p inspierd by Ma dimar of deviant art
Windy day ^^ adek @syazarrrr did this candid during our mother-daughter outing day...
Modesty.... Way of Appearence.... You are the princcess of Ummah What you wear represent your personality.. and your personality represent your religon... Be Fashionista not a Fashion Criminal Be Modest in what ever you wear not tabaruj... and every girl deserve to be beautiful... You are beautiful,you are sweet in the eyes of the dweller...The dweller above so high, Allah and the all the angels if and only if you wear the covering aurat attire... if and only if you follow the syariat InsyaAllah..... ~Just an unsung legend and a non atop fighter~ NurSyiffaRosman {LOC} Modesty  Fashion Deen Islam muslimah almightybless wayoflife loc *a messy piece drew during the BPC class* :p
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 My Awesome Family of KolejInderaSakti Last week ^_^ Covalent Bonding, Teambuilding Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej dan Sekretariat Kolej Indera Sakti GuaTempurung ExtremeActivities Bestwooo uitmPerak BuangBelakang
Al Insyirah... Love letter from Almighty Allah.. Hold upon HIS love letter Hold upon HIS promise Hold upon HIS words Each of us will face difficulties thus, do turn to Allah, seek for HIS help and guidance to aid us in facing the difficullties cause HE own the answer for every questions and HE own the solution for every problems cause ONLY HIM know what we really need even though we know what we really want... Surely with difficulties is ease... InsyaAllah... _______________________ ~Just an unsung legend and a non stop fighter~ NurSyiffaRosman {LOC} Deen Muslim Loveletter Almightybless surah quran wayoflife ^^ Wrote this during CTU class to avoid sleeping, sorry ustazah ...
Assalamualaikum ! To all UitmPerak students...sesiapa yang berminat nak beli button badge limted edition designed by our JPK Kerohanian Kiş boleh laaa tempah... RM 3 each ! Tempahan dan bayaran sehingga hari Rabu ini sahaja ^^ Whatsapp : 017 5283454 for more details
^^ Jangan tanya motif gambar separa :-) Suppose already back in UitmPerak but asal tahu kelas pagi batal maka kita lanjutkan masa di rumah ^^ Sayonara Home Sweet Home,
Mamak ( All of us call our nanny with that title) back to KL already... She cant control the tears drop... Will miss you always and will always pray for you mamak ^^ The one and only nanny left... * T_T muka bulat abes * Nanny Lovely Almightybless
*ugut kalau nak main buai kena tangkap gambar dulu* hahahaha ^^ sape suruh comel sangat...tetiga ade lesung pipt ^_^ Cousin Sara Niece  Zakira nephew zuhair adoreable lefamilia lovely
Izzat Roslan The talented vlogger just created his new page ! Do like and support this page for more awesome knowledge, sharing and reminder ! ^^ Vlogger Deen Muslim Productivemuslims almightybless *Im just a promoter*
Manusia yang lain ragam dan Antara manusia yang aku sayang dekat UitmPerak sebab Diorang bukan setakat kawan tapi siblings yang tak punya takian darah... dan kadangkala gaduh, tapi recover cepat yang amat... bagi aku... Mereka nii manusia awesome Manusia yang istimewa.. aku doa segala tanggungjawab dan amanah yang kita pikul dan laksanakan diredhai Allah.. T_T last semester as JPK KolejInderaSakti UitmPerak sedihtahapgiga Teambuilding jpkseki
Yesterday Chit Chatting and lunch with Madam Aileen ^^ Madam Aileen is so adoreable ^^ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you Madam Aileen... May Allah bless you always~~~
With Raktor UitmPerak Prof Ir Hajah Zainab ^^ during Bual Bicara Bersama Menteri YB Dato Sri Shabery Chik
^_^ With my sweet English lecturer, Madam Aileen Madam Aileen is really awesome...Love her so much, she is so lovely and sporting ;) ;) ;) No doubt the whole class love her so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 * Wearing the same green Arkel Hijab with madam, its planned ! hihi Accountancy Bell English Alltimefav lecturer UitmPerak lovely inspiring awesome
Dear me and dear sisters out there, "If it's meant for you, you won't have to beg for it. You will never have to sacrifice your dignity for your destiny... " ^_^ Even the society, our own friends says that you have no life as you have no special boyfriend or a lover let it be... Because we are haunting and eager for the love blessed from Heaven not the love that is ful of nafs ... We might not please the people but as long we please Allah we are in the the right path... We want our love story to be like the love story of Rasulullah S.A.W and Khadijah R.A not like the Romeo and Juliet... We could have our own love tales one day...InsyaAllah.. Dont worry cause when it is about Life, Death and Love, Allah have written everything... Keep calm and pray... Keep calm and be better... Hold our trust upon Allah and protect our modesty and dignity cause once we loose those we will never get them back... Our dignity is not meant to be sacrifice for our destiny... The time will come when our own prince come and take us as their princess ...One fine day...InsyaAllah...If not in this Dunya probably in the Hereafter, Jannah...InsyaAllah.. ^__^ Keep smiling dear princess! ~Just an unsung legend and a non stop fighter~ NurSyiffaRosman {LOC} Sisterofislam Deen Islam Muslim princess love almightybless modesty dignity destiny
=_______= This is not Chicken Cordon Bleu !!!!! Warghhhhh T_T coz Im starving for Chicken Cordon Bleu and oder this but tak de langsung rupa cordon bleu T_T please nak balik rumah.... I miss homemade food Chickencordonbleuyangpirate Amanjayacafe UitmPerak Homemade stravation food
Weeeeee~~~~ @nohsalleh comment plus like gambaq kat instagramku ^^ *Maaf kerana jakun sebab terjua tahap giga punya its Noh Hujan tuu Lejen tak hengat r ! :) :) :) Dulu @mizznina1780 double tap now Noh waaaa awesome !!! ^_^ I wish they follow me back *tapi apakan daya siapa aku diorang nak follow back ^^""" Alltimefav Music Singer  Malaysia lokalah teamnoh hujanforlife diehardfans
You deserve it @hafizsuip ^^ Memang awesome laaa He stand upon his talent ! Simple but meaningful... Dulu dengan tracksuit bole menang sekarang dengan ranting2 pokok xde daun bole menang jugak !!! Cayalahhhh Yang penting lirik die sgt bagus plus the singer is talented.... May Allah bless you always ^_^ AJL28 Hafiz Alltimefav Great singer staydowntoearth
>__< heee ~~~ Go Go Go @nohsalleh @aizatamdan AJL28 *Walau tv kolej old skul gambo berbelang tak kisah !!! ;) Bilikrekreasi KolejInderaSakti UitmPerak jpk seki Ajl28 music awesome teamnoh buddyzaizat
Alhamdulillah ! Such a great day ^^ Finally dpt hang out with @nadiahsofian "I Frankenstein" is awesome :) Friend Ansara MrsmTaiping MrsmLenggong MuslimahRockers UitmPerak UTP
Ehem.. This is a belated post, belated for a day.... Happy Birthday Cikgu Wan ! She is one of my all time favourite teacher, she is a teacher whom not just teach but she do educate her students... Once during my time in MrsmTaiping I felt lost, I look and seek upon the light, the courage and the spirit to get me fit with all test given by Almighty Allah to me and during my time there Allah grant me those lovely and inspiring people to surround me, the teachers, the friends,the ethics of Maresmart which make me stay strong to face everything....Cikgu Wan is one of them.. Thank you Cikgu Wan for all your guidance and encouragement.. May Allah grant you HIS Jannah and may many happy returns in Dunya and Akhirah ^^ and I shall say for any child or student who has you as their teacher surely their life is truly blessed... why ? because you are not just an A+ Physic teacher but you are an A+ gurdian ^^ and I keep on hold on to all your advices till now... *Sorry for the late wishes* Teacher Birthday throwbackpicture alltimefav MrsmTaiping Ansara
Done with Fashion Show by FSSR students UitmPerak and we make our own run way along the creepy path behind Damar and we make our own run
^____^ sebab dah berminggu tak balik rumah and I miss my ibu's cook especially Spaghetti ... Maka masaklah sendiri dekat Kolej ....Here you are Spaghetti Bujang Senang ^^ by Syiffa Rosman and Jihan Jamil muahahahaha Dengan heater dan rice cooker maka terciptalah Spaghetti Bujang Senang Food Spaghetti College Life UitmPerak student almightybless roomates
^____^ im stuck doing the costing questions and Ayah whatsapp me a photo of him trying his outfit for Maybank Annual Dinner tomorrow hahaha ^^ Coolio laaa ayah ;p LikeABOSS Ayah Lovely