Stephen Wassung


I'm a videographer and photographer based in Rocklin, CA. my goal is to tell a story through a moving image or a still image.
the veiw Sea Cloud - Sky Water Nature Outdoors Beauty In Nature Scenics
crashing waves Sea Water Beauty In Nature Nature Wave No People Scenics
the ocean sunset Sea Sunset Beach Rock Formation Nature Horizon Over Water Scenics Landscape Sky Tranquil Scene
Being chased by my Nephew  Running
Enjoying the day with my Wife
At the Beach in Monterey
Espresso Latte
Cooking At Home Coocking
My Favorite Photo Eyem Gallery in Stpetersburg Russia
Washed my car the other day, Volvo Volvoforlife
The Woman of my Life is my Bestfriend and soon to be Wife
I Found a Restaurant named after the street I live on.
Enjoying the Day with my Fiance
Showing the Models how its done
Workout in the Morning
Starwars Xwingfighter Movies!
Q Exotic Cars McLaren Fast Cars
Emotions Emotional Photography Emotions Of The Eyes
I don't Workout to Impress  I do it for Gains Showcase March
Rock Climbing in Northern California
On my way to Monterey Bay to see my Fiance
In less then 5 Months  I'll be Married to this Beautiful Woman
Getting Fit
Pushinglimits to better myself Gains Weightlifting
Gains Workingout
Q enjoying the Day with my Fiance
Saint Petersburg Russia
Spent two weeks in Russia Saint Petersburg
This is the view right outside my room Relaxing Enjoying Life My Bedroom First Eyeem Photo