Maria 🇷🇺


I like.. Mm I don't know.. I like love.
Like drawing.. ?
Passion for dresses Moda
Back to childhood with the Mermaid ?
The cat is hungry!
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Just smile, ever ?
Lindt lindor Whitelemonchocolate
Saturday night.. Ready To go ?
I like laughing with her, I adore her so much ?
The love we have know together is always before my eyes. Littlekiss Bacio Perugina Love Italy ?
Minù, aristogatti ? sweetness ? want to be a kid ?
My brother! He's so cool, my Santa Claus ?
How could be the world without Nutella?
Xmas ??
Happy Epiphany ??
This is my Sicily ? pasta with red shrimps, pistachio and sea urchins ? delicious!