Sabrina Horton


The black sheep, the odd one out. Out in my secluded swamp enjoying everything about it and everyone in it. Being me with those that matter. I'm true.
Get to enjoy these everyday during the warmer months. Zig Zag Spider Yellow Garden Spider Spider Argiope Aurantia
Living in the swamps of South Carolina. South Carolina Swansea Moss Covered Tree Woods
Spiders aren't my favorite, but they sure are nice to photograph. Zig Zag Spider Yellow Yellow Garden Spider Backyard Creepy Crawler
Funnel Web Funnel Spider Agelenidae Family Backyard Spider Creepy Crawly
Little baby grasshopper. Hi! Hello World Grasshopper Insect Tiny
Just a little spider sitting on a mushroom. Spider Woods Mushroom Leaves
Enjoying my environment with my cat Jasmine. Cat Swamplife Trees Boots
Two of a kind. Dogs Boxer Dogs Furrybabies
A boy and his cat. Love Comfort Animal Lover Simple Things Cat
Enjoy the beauty of the larger picture. First Eyeem Photo