Taking Photos whereever i am with the smartphone or Nikon SLR. Except while sitting behind my drumset. Well... sometimes even there :-)
Weyland's Smithy Traveling Prehistoric England Fairytale  Ruin
Bath Cityscapes Hanging Out Traveling Enjoying Life Weather
Fairytale  Filter Madness Traveling Hiking
Seascape Seaside Hiking Sea And Sky Traveling Enjoying Life Landscape
Sea And Sky Traveling Hiking Seaside Seascape
100m nice view Foggy Weather Hiking Trees
Fog Foggy Fairytale  Weather Nature_collection Eye4nature
Blackandwhite Black And White Fog Foggy Trees Nature Monochrome Weather Fairytale
Neujahrsspaziergang Hugging A Tree Nature Nature_collection Hiking
Im Rhein-Neckar-Zentrum malen sie auf den Boden. Streetart Painting Shopping Mall Mall
Bird Birdwatching Animal_collection Birds Eye4nature
Mondfinsternis Moon Lunar Eclipse Super Moon Bloodmoon My Best Photo 2015
Draußen Landscape Seaside Sea And Sky Traveling Filter Madness
Torcross Beach Clouds And Sky Cloudporn Seascape
Draußen Dartmoor Landscape Nature Hiking Filter Madness
Nachts am See Lake Nightphotography Stars Night Nature
Milchstraße Milkyway Stars Night Astrophotography Nightphotography Milky Way Stargazing
Draußen Landscape Skyporn Clouds And Sky Panorama
Kindheitserinnerungen... Enjoying Life Landscape Traveling Hiking
Draußen Traveling Landscape Enjoying Life Nature
Landeanflug über Frankfurt Freitag abend Airplane Traveling Skyporn Cityscapes Aerial
Basaltsee Rhön Relaxing Eye4nature Nature_collection Enjoying Life Landscape Skyporn
Animals Animal Nature_collection Eye4nature Animal_collection
Dartmoor Landscape Traveling Monochrome The Adventure Handbook
Eichelhäher Birds Birdwatching Animal Nature Animal_collection Nature_collection
Long Exposure Sea Waterscape Weather
Dartmoor Landscape Hiking Blackandwhite Monochrome Traveling
Dartmoor Tree TreePorn Hugging A Tree Landscape Blackandwhite Monochrome Drama Light And Shadow
Dartmoor Hugging A Tree Golden Hour England Nature_collection Landscape EyeEm Best Shots
At home Animal Bird Birdwatching Birds
Otter Animals Animal_collection Otter Eye4nature
Ant Animals Insects  Makro Makro_collection
England Avebury Ancient Mystic Blackandwhite Monochrome Eye4enchanting
Glastonbury Landscape England Traveling Great Views Clouds And Sky
Birds Birdwatching Animals Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots Eye4nature
Blaue Wolke Butterfly Nofilter Animals Eye4nature EyeEm Best Shots Cobalt Blue By Motorola
Birds Birdwatching Animals Eye4nature Wildlife
Avebury Monochrome Blackandwhite England Traveling
Narnia Traveling Mobilephotography Cityscapes Playing With Filters
Stormy day Long Exposure Sea Coast Eye4nature EyeEm Best Shots
Tor Glastonbury Light And Shadow Eye4enchanting Skyporn Traveling Silhouette
Good morning, Torcross Enjoying LifeLandscape Eye4nature Lake View
Tor Traveling Skyporn Glastonbury Eye4enchanting
Robin Birds Birdwatching Animals Eye4nature EyeEm Best Shots
Katz Playing With Filters Traveling Streetphotography Cat Car
Eclipse2015 Eclipse Sun Sunspots Eye4photography
Eclipse Eclipse2015 Sun Sunspots EyeEm Best Shots
Dublin Night Photography Nightphotography City Life Cityscapes Traveling
Dublin Cityscapes River Ship Traveling
Dublin Night Photography Streetphotography Nightphotography City Life Traveling