Sven Giesen


80s born design and web freelancer. Into creation, self made stuff, rock'n roll, videogames and motorcycles. Photos, too. Ruhrpott + Cologne
Thaughts Occupied Depressed Hiding Hidden Introvert
Lines Horizontal Outstanding Household Bathroom Towel Unique
Coffee Rainy Days Rain Relaxing
Self Portrait Around The World Selfportrait Selfies Self Portrait Selfie
Starwars Star Wars Playstation Videogames Darth Vader Gaming
Food Banana Oatmeal Nuts Carrots Oranges
Taking Photos Cheese! Working Photography Studio
Cat Cats Chilling Moody
Selfportrait Selfie ✌ Self Portrait Selfies Lowkey
Sony Xperia Z3 Mobilephotography Product Photography
Coffee Relaxing Hanging Out Enjoying Life Eating People
Rain Drops Sun Sunset Dusk
Working First Eyeem Photo