lovin life through the lens of my phone.
It was called sea trek...
Sunset Oceanside Harbor
Oceanside pier view
High tide
Oceanside Sunday
Diamond head from cartoon view
Goin back...
Wakiki grunge view
Arriving LAX
Moon peek..
Missing Hawaii already
Back in cali...
was standing here only six hours ago...
pill box hike
one way indeed
that's just what the wall looks like after midnight...
always on my left side diamond head
moon peeking First Eyeem Photo
Aloha Hawaii....never is easy to leave
The wall
Moon peak
Waikiki by night
Waikiki let's do it one last night
The water is so nice after a jump
Waikiki at night
Moon peak
Good seat
Left all my problems at the top of the hill ...
Along the hike everything looks better through my Maui Jim's. Thanks Lisa ;)
Miss you guys! Kristi your in trouble for not being here already!
Sheri gave me fruit snacks :)
Banyan trees are awesome
What will Waikiki do tonight?
Yep miss this
I miss being able to do this run all the time
Adorable corgi-palm from the beach
"Today was a good day"
High tide next entrance....
No filter necessary. Taken with my iPhone 5 and saved by lifeproof case from the Kailua waves!
Nice to be back on the wall
A little filter plus Waikiki = cool factor
One way
Sunset Waikiki through a negative perspective.
Haven't seen this view in awhile
Taken with my HTC m8
Top of diamond head trail
What next
Love new phones.....HTC M8
Happy Easter Everyone
Carlsbad CA Easter afternoon
Why don't I do that every single day
Yes please
No filter needed thanks Samsung S5 and nature
Sunset dedicated to Cesar Aiden and Joey with love from California!
It's all about perspective.
I could play it, I just don't feel like it right now.
Fo real
Best new running shoe ever!
Do what you want
Taken with Motorola X no filters
Sunset mission beach on Nicole's Birthday!
Afternoon off well spent
Sunset La Jolla
Best BBQ in SoCal!
Already missed...