SupperDog Street


I just want to share my photoes of my home and keep it with memory
dark tone of
the day will be
in the temple
white roof in
passengers walk
scene of the
buildings near
structure of
arch of iron
iron structure
green Asian
the old window
pink color
arch iron
iron bridge
people resting
many light 💡S
the old tree
sun rise at
iron structure
road in
sun rise in the
Brown Thai
tree and rubber
land of
sun and country
fighting cow
green zone
gotogerther man
teenager in
beach in the
Asian cow
my home, golden
texture of hand
pink color of
yellow silk,
texture of Thai
sewing, brown
sewing, handmad
Thai silk ,
pink yarn on
coco glasses
group of chilli
groups of
chrismas theam,
texture of
Asian woman in
Orange juice on
clourful of
Asian woman
yellow flower
yellow. flower
the big one eye
sweet tree Tree
texture of red
rice field ,
rice field in
land and sky
drown Tree
Clear Sky Place
Men Low Section
candlelight in
temple window
rain coming in
lion figure in
green zone Tree
musk melon
groom animals
native cows2
native cow
red onion Herb
group of garlic
garlic Raw Food
green, yellow
luk rieng or
group of
my economic,
ready to go for
many coins
eat with mother
little cow eat
smile with my
destination not
natural thing
tree for men in
The old tree
green for day
green corner at
tree and
the red tip of
boat and sea in

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