Les Lemons


@dacrowdpleaser @mikeeethomas @_terrero_ @ryan_usaf @xaviermytimeismoney.lane @gnarley_dave @its_jarad
Light skin niggas and piggyback rides... lol @_terrero_ @xaviermytimeismoney.lane @its_jarad @ryan_usaf @dacrowdpleaser @justkalebas_shit @gnarley_dave @mikeeethomas
This the shit I work with..
No comment @xaviermytimeismoney.lane @its_jarad @ryan_usaf @dacrowdpleaser @amberrnicolee93 @_terrero_ @mikeeethomas @gnarley_dave
Sandy Cheeks lookin ass @gnarley_dave @xaviermytimeismoney.lane @its_jarad @ryan_usaf @_terrero_ @amberrnicolee93 @mikeeethomas @dacrowdpleaser
@ryan_usaf @dacrowdpleaser @xaviermytimeismoney.lane @its_jarad @gnarley_dave @_terrero_ COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU
@xaviermytimeismoney.lane @its_jarad @gnarley_dave @ryan_usaf @dacrowdpleaser Lmao. .. get off the couch bruh! !!
They think I'm not gone get they ass back for them bow wow post.. It's war! !! ??
@beautiful901 ??? thanks ?????
Watching the game
It only takes a second to be great Supermanthekid
Somethin simple
The Beauty of nature
Kickin it
Chillin TakeFlight
My baby boy.. I can't wait to get home to him..
Check out my soul
My crib.. lol
New app!
@its_jarad & @gnarley_dave Lmao... homie knocked
I think ima rock with the b&w 4 a sec
Eyes open mouth shut.. I see what's up
Mr. Lemons be the name..
Tonight tho
@ryan_usaf @its_jarad @xaviermytimeismoney.lane @mikeeethomas Lights skins be like! !! Lmao He wouldn't let the dog go bruh...
Rode out in the pink and black!!
S/O to @luckylibra0313 .. I appreciate all the love.. don't be a stranger
Yooo @its_jarad u still gone get the waves after the curls?? @xaviermytimeismoney.lane @ryan_usaf
@its_jarad @xaviermytimeismoney.lane @ryan_usaf
StraightUp lmao
@its_jarad @xaviermytimeismoney.lane @ryan_usaf
@ryan_usaf this you wit yo dark light skinned ass.. lol @its_jarad @xaviermytimeismoney.lane
@its_jarad @xaviermytimeismoney.lane Lmao 2k anyone??
@its_jarad @xaviermytimeismoney.lane. lmao
A lil hard work ain't never killed nobody...
I'm getting there.. @manyfield Better catch up homie
@followthelita is so beautiful and she works hard. .a real woman. . A great role model from what I see..WCW everyone go follower her !!!!!
I hate being posted wit ignit muhhh fuckas bruh! !
From the other day
Jus Coped ..like I graduated the police academy .. TakeFlight
Ion even kno
It's so hot outside. . I gotta jump fresh tonight tho..
Playful lip biting. .. she loves that shit
Countryboy TakeFlight
The fit for the day.. ima switch it up later
I have wayyyyyy to many shoes
It's hot out here.. last day of work then I'm getting lost
Outchea in the chuckies today...
This damn thing tried to get me! ! This desert ain't playin
I work out with 225 now.. I remember when I wouldn't touch this shit until I had to max out.. lol TakeFlight
Outchea. .. Headed to the gym..
We got a new edition to family. .
All black everything
Focused! ! Lmao
This nigga and his clothes.. Lmao
Chillin. .
Stepping out
These will be mine 2ma morning
Today tho...?? Palmdale? ? Lancaster? ? L.A.? ? I'm bored af. . Maybe Riverside.. fuuuuuuhhhhh
Ima switch it up later.. might jump casual but ion have nowhere to go
S/O to @msbanks95. . Yo thanks for all that love.. :-}
@gnarley_dave check me out family. . Lol I went crazy at the mall
I had to do it.. TakeFlight
Wooooooooooooork. .. I'm off tho.. TakeFlight
Why have there been so many Damn seasons of 16 and pregnant? ?? Y'all ain't learned from the first 4 or 5 damn seasons??? Seems like every girl has the same story.. STOP THAT SHIT!! This annoys me cuz y'all know better!! WTF ..
My view
You would've never thought. Nevermore
No turning back
Rockin the casual look today
My homie sent this to me the other day.. Repost Lmao ???
Bored. . Can't sleep.. to much energy. .
Ima get what I want... NoDaysOff TakeFlight
All muscle.. . VerticallyChallenged . . Should've been a running back.. oh well! ! Lol
193.. I'm not supposed to be this big they said.. well I say.. u kno the name.. jus wait til u see it in lights.. TakeFlight
What up L.A.? ? Jus passed my pt test.. TakeFlight
The gateway to your soul! !
We outchea!!!
Good night
Going off of 1hr of sleep..
Who's goin to take it?
New to the collection. .. TakeFlight
Yea I'm reppin
Break yo self!!!
Smashed ! !!
Good Morning! !! TakeFlight
Long nights.. deploy me already!!!