Rhonda Ravenkamp


Photographer from Long Beach, CA, now living in and documenting rural life in beautiful scenic Idaho.
Country fence
Group of horses
Thunder Moon
Moonlight over
Tall golden
A century old
Woman running
Metal stairs
A vintage grain
An old grain
Bright red
Chalk sits in
A country dirt
An old
The remains of
An old grain
A vintage edit
An abandoned
A vintage
Vintage farm
Close-up focus
A bunch of old
Four horses
An old rusty
An old rusty
Three horses
An old vintage
Four horses
Four horses
Four horses
After a long
A pair of geese
Mating geese
After a male
I watched these
Spying on
The shimmering
A closeup of a
Birds collected
Two geese fly
Two tall and
An old crooked
A mountain
A panoramic
A train used
A weathered old
The world's
Rocky cliffs
A boy holds a
A dreamy scene
The cloudy sky
Birds flock to
A dog park with
A windy evening
A portrait of a
We all have
Dual tone black
A vintage dairy
A male goose
An old green
The sparkling
A close and
Autumn Fall
Wind turbines
Wind turbines
A beautiful
A flock of
Dark green
Dark wooden
The track from
A wind turbine
A foggy
A rainbow
These colorful
Goose standing
Farm shelter
Rustic fence
Bend in the
Goose honking
Rustic golf
Winter meets
River bank
Ducks floating
Geese mates
Geese flying
Old Tree Old
Snowy mountain
Franklin County
Dark clouds
Snow on rocky
Abandoned power
Bear River Dam
A rural road
A chilly
A little red