Simon Farquharson


I like to see the perspective of others.
Tram Tram City
Animals Pets
looking out
Casper and
1890's first
water tower
One of the
railway City
bumble on
trees New
sunset summer
Trees New
New Zealand
sPiNey Animals
Dawn light on
pine cones Pine
Castle Hill New
Puck puck puck
-2'C Snowflake
web of dew Web
Castle Rock NZ
charred bird
after the rain
empty seats at
selfie Selfie
found this
Oamaru Oamaru
Oamaru old
Oamaru old
hungry chomping
bike and swing
fountain at
Oamaru garden
night shot of
train tracks
Giraffe One
Frog Animal
Tuatara One
Orana Park
Spider macro
In the garden
In the garden
Cat Mint Flower
More thyme
Thyme with my
Solomon's Seal
Daisy Flower
In the garden
Nature Plant
Purple Nature
Spending my
Kowhai in the
Domestic Cat
No People Saw
On my ride No
Tree Nature
Kahikatea Tree
Close-up Beauty
Mouth of the
Rock Formation
Castle Hill
In my garden
In my garden
Tip dog an
frozen river
Bike tracks
Last of the
The last
Just a selfie
Moss at tbe
Lichen on the
Cold morning
Tree Winter Sky
Photo of a
a photo from
pano when on my
Pretty bird at
End of day
Shadows Family
when I was
Victoria Park
Native hawk
Native parrot
The big
Lavender last
Bubble in the
At New Brighton
a rebuild crane

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