Felix Straubinger


18 Years old | Geocacher traveler (22 countries, 4 continents, 18 US-States) soccerfan (Eintracht Frankfurt) contact: 📧 felix[at]straubinger[dot]ga
Hiking path in Waldeck, Hessen, Germany Outdoors No People Hike Hiking Waldeck Hessen Germany Germany Deutschland Germany🇩🇪 Wandern Wanderlust Wanderweg Path Edersee  Wegweiser  first eyeem photo Alemania Alemanha Duitsland Deutschland Ist Schön Hiking Trail Hiking Adventures Hiking Day Hike Trail
Flower in Madeira, Portugal Madeira Madeira Island Portugal Island Flower Flowers Nature Green Trees Trees And Sky Growth Plant Plants Himmel Pflanzen Natur Beauty In Nature Blume Blumen Bäume Plants 🌱 Plants And Flowers Sky Blue Blue Sky
🔦A little Levada Tunnel. On the same hike, at a different location, there was a 1.2km Tunnel, we went through. The ceiling was not high too, so we had to bow our heads all the time🔦 - Levada hike "Levada Fajã Do Rodrigues" in Madeira, Portugal Cave Tunnel The Way Forward Madeira Island Madeira Levada Levada Walks Levadawanderung Hike BACH Fajã Do Rodrigues Levada Fajã Do Rodrigues TunnelPorn Tunnel Through A Mountain EyeEmNewHere Travel Destinations Rock - Object First Eyeem Photo Portugal Creek Levadawalk Levadas Levada Walk Tunel
Ponta Do Clérigo (Santana, Madeira) Outdoors Tranquility Clear Sky Horizon Over Water Rock - Object Landscape Sea Scenics Beauty In Nature Travel Destinations Lost In The Landscape Horizon Horizont  Ocean Atlantik Atlantic Ocean Ocean View Coast Meer Ponta Do Clérigo Nature Natur Madeira EyeEmNewHere Madeira Island
View on the Hike down to Ponta Do Clérigo from Santana (Madeira) Lost In The Landscape Travel Destinations Outdoors Landscape Landschaft Plants Beauty In Nature EyeEmNewHere Madeira Nature Photography Nature Natur Portugal Scenics Ponta Do Clérigo Shoes Shoeselfie ShoePorn Coast Coastline Ocean Ocean View Meer Atlantic Ocean Atlantik
Fio, Madeira. Portugal Fio Fanal Nature Natur Sign Signpost No People Nature Photography Madeira Madeira Island EyeEmNewHere First Eyeem Photo Beauty In Nature Landschaft Landscape Plants Plant Growth Communication Road Sign Wegweiser  Outdoors Travel Destinations Lost In The Landscape
Mystic Foggy Landscape in Madeira, Portugal. Fog Tree Nature Mountain No People Landscape Outdoors Beauty In Nature Forest Scenics Tree Area Foggy Mystic Landschaft Nebel Nebelmeer EyeEmNewHere First Eyeem Photo Madeira Madeira Island Portugal Märchenwald Nature Natur Lost In The Landscape
Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you are: YOU ARE UNDER SURVEILLANCE - Wall Art in Funchal, Madeira. Text No People Under Surveillance Paper Hats Paper Hat Camera NSA Security Protection Spying Spionage EyeEmNewHere Altstadt Old Town Wandmalerei Wand Wall Art Wall Painting Wall Portugal Funchal Madeira Island Madeira Travel Destinations Building Exterior
+cultura -turismo - Funchal, Madeira Text Building Exterior No People Communication Cultura Turismo Culture Kultur Tourism Tourismus Travel Destinations Madeira Madeira Island Funchal Portugal Wall Wall Painting Wall Art Conservative Wand Wandmalerei Old Town Old Buildings Altstadt EyeEmNewHere
Where did I leave my bike again? Oh, well... Electricity  Sky Cloud - Sky No People Low Angle View Bike Fahrrad Hattersheim Power Supply Electricity Pylon Steel Industry Elektrizität Cable Kabel Stromleitung Strommast Stromversorgung Electricity Tower Electric Wire Germany Deutschland EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Germany Technology
Phrix, Okriftel (Hattersheim am Main) Lostplaces Lostplace Hessen Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Abandoned Fabrik First Eyeem Photo Lost Place Okriftel EyeEmNewHere Hattersheim Phrix No People Forbidden Old Buildings Ruin Ruine Forgotten Forgotten Places  Forgotten Place Forgotten Buildings Forgotten Places  Lost In Time Factory
NO ENTRY! - Phrix, Okriftel (Hattersheim am Main) Warning Sign Danger Chainlink Fence Safety Protection Text Forbidden Security No People Phrix Hattersheim EyeEmNewHere Okriftel No Entry Lost Place First Eyeem Photo Fabrik Abandoned Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Lostplace Lostplaces Hessen Absperrung Absperrgitter
Camp Lena, Losevo, Russia. Flag Land Vehicle No People Outdoors Tree Multi Colored Russia Россия Sommer Summer Russland Sportjugend Hessen Sportjugendreise EyeEmNewHere Sportjugend Losevo Zeltlager Camp Natur Lost In The Landscape Travel Destinations Nature Beauty In Nature Vehicles At The Background
Evening at the lake in Losevo, Russia. Water Sky Beauty In Nature Nature Lake Travel Destinations Scenics Sunset Lost In The Landscape Natur Nature Camp Zeltlager Losevo Sportjugend EyeEmNewHere Sportjugendreise Sportjugend Hessen No People Russland Summer Outdoors Sommer Россия Russia
Banya (russian Sauna) at Camp Lena in Losevo, Russia. Россия Лосево баня Banya Russia Sommer Outdoors Forest Summer Russland No People Sportjugend Hessen Sportjugendreise EyeEmNewHere Sportjugend Losevo Zeltlager Camp Sauna Nature Natur Lost In The Landscape Hütte Hut Urlaub
Losevo, Russia. Security Protection Chainlink Fence Outdoors No People Nature Лосево Losevo Russia Nature Forest Россия Russland Sommer Summer Sportjugendreise Sportjugend Hessen Sportjugend Fence Zaun Safety Sign Signporn Schild EyeEmNewHere
Losevo, Russia. Russia Лосево Losevo Nature No People Forest Water Boats Boat Россия Russland Lake Boats⛵️ Camp Zeltlager Urlaub Sommer Summer Sportjugend Sportjugend Hessen Sportjugendreise Oblast Leningrad EyeEm Nature Lover Outdoors EyeEmNewHere
Wien. Kahlenberg. Wien Vienna Wien Vienna  Kahlenberg Vienna4you Vienna, Austria Bnw Bw BW_photography Religion Architecture Cloud - Sky Sky Tranquility No People Built Structure Cityscape City Clock Tower Travel Destinations Church Kirche Heiligenstadt Holy EyeEmNewHere
Waldstadion Frankfurt. EyeEm Frankfurt Waldstadion Frankfurt Sport Stadium No People Match - Sport Seat Frankfurt Am Main Seating Area Seats Tennis Tennis 🎾 Tennis Court Tenniscourt Stadion Frankfurt City  Frankfurtammain Frankfurt_de Frankfurtdubistsowunderbar Frankfurtmain Frankfurterleben Frankfurtlovers Frankfurter EyeEmNewHere
Lone House at Pico Ruivo, Maddira Mountain Fog Nature Tranquility Outdoors Landscape Beauty In Nature Landschaft Pflanzen Plants Wandern Wanderlust Hiking Mountain Hiking Mountain View Bergwelten Berge Natur Nature Pico Ruivo Madeira Island Madeira House Berghütte View EyeEmNewHere Lost In The Landscape
Where to go? Mountain Outdoors Cloud - Sky No People Landscape Landschaft Madeira Madeira Island Pico Ruivo Nature Natur Wegweiser  Sign Berge Bergwelten Mountain View Mountain Hiking Hiking Wanderlust Wandern Funchal Sky Plants Pflanzen Waymarking Lost In The Landscape EyeEmNewHere
DFB-Pokal Halbfinale 2017 (Borussia Mönchengladbach vs. Eintracht Frankfurt) Crowd Event Spectator Stadium Audience Celebration Large Group Of People Sport Fans Fan Ultras Soccer Football ⚽ Game Spiel DFB Pokal DFB Eintracht Frankfurt  Eintracht Frankfurt Am Main Frankfurt Nurdiesge Mönchengladbach Borussia EyeEmNewHere
EyeEm Selects Sea Town Village Village Life No People Vacations Roof Water Scenics Madeira Island Madeira Ponta Delgada Portugal Summer Coast Coastline EyeEmNewHere
EyeEm Selects One Animal No People Close-up Animals In The Wild Animal Themes Animal Animal Photography Salamander Gecko Madeira Madeira Island Small Animals Small Animal Portugal Island Summer Blurred Background Focus On Foreground EyeEmNewHere
Frankfurt Frankfurt Am Main Frankfurtdubistsowunderbar Frankfurt City  Frankfurtlovers Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof Frankfurtammain Frankfurt City  Frankfurtmain Hauptbahnhof Train Station Train Zug Bahn Architecture No People Central Station First Eyeem Photo Cuccis Coffee Cuccis EyeEmNewHere