Stooie Greenhalgh


reflection on the terrace...
reflection from the coffee table on the terrace....
first sunset of 2014!!!!
it's coming in!!!!
a typical warm welcome at The Deli On The Hill
I like my new comfy seat!!!
Do the clocks go back next week? was only 42.2℃ Winter winter on my rock, love its my anniversary, 4 yrs of's to the next 4 yrs of Bedlam.....strap yourselves in!!!
iz I hanzom?
where diz reflecting fingz
UK don't do sunsets, if it did it would be nowt like this....SHABBA!!!
Sunday Chidbillin!!!
My Marinista, xx
Morning Moon!!!
I'm a hound dawg!!!
Hannah feeds me ham!!!
The Whole World with a Rainbow!!!
Barraquito Baby @cafe stefy
Dorada and Cava!!!
My Sofa!!!......Buff Said!!!!
my backyard.........Tenerife? UK? brainer!!!!!
puddink!!! @ Castillo Shabba...
iz not kiddin....give it to meeeee!!!!!
Stunning ....somehow missed this over the years
it's ok Busta, it was only a firework x
it's Tuesday..... El Patio Tit !!!
Mediocre Sunset don't ya think?
Got 2 Brollops for my 2 Trollops, xx
New Bed from IKEA!!
Sammys Sunday Roast!!!!
drunk w*nker!!!.....
Camel Toe?......howza bout Camel Head!!
El Patio Wanker as the Deli on the Hill is shut... x x
meatball baguette YUM YUM
my fav place coz the librarians spoilz me..
Busta is not too happy with mummy cuddling Bella
if I hide hear, they might go away.....
watching the Goonies v Spuds
Back on El Estero to watch the second half if Man U
Here we go....
Still not had a ciggy....LOL
Stooie has a new healthy toy..... YAY xx
lovely view on the way down to our local
Friday Chillaxin!!!
Sammi's Birthday