J. A. G. S.


Crystals of Candi sugar / Rock sugar. Short depth-of-field. Candid Sugar Crystal Food And Drink Food Still Life Large Group Of Objects Sweet Food No People Sweet Brown
Old wooden boat Wood - Material No People Mode Of Transportation Outdoors Brown Old Boat Boating
A Roll of steel wire in closeup. Full Frame Backgrounds Pattern Silver Colored No People Metal Still Life Repetition Wireless Technology Metal Wire Steel
Word Sugar written with real fine granulated sugar on blue background. Text Blue No People Colored Background Studio Shot Copy Space White Color Capital Letter Single Word Blue Background Sugar Sweet
Sunglasses in blue light on a reflective background. Blue Studio Shot No People Glasses Blue Background Still Life Transparent Single Object Reflection Personal Accessory Sunglasses Eyewear
Empty wastepaper basket on dirty concrete floor Indoors  Single Object No People Empty Nothingisordinary Trash Trashcan Waste Basket
Men's brown leather shoes. Shoe Leather Brown Indoors  Pair Shoelace Shoes Paint the Town Yellow Men's Track
Old trashed audio c cassette. Short depth of field. Technology No People Single Object Studio Shot Equipment Broken Still Life Damaged Cassette Audio Equipment Tape Compact Cassette Music Sound Destroyed
Mahogany wooden gavel on glossy wooden table. Flag of European Union, EU, in the background. Gavel Justice - Concept Law Legal System No People Indoors  Wood - Material Focus On Foreground Studio Shot Courthouse Still Life Selective Focus Table Legal Trial EyeEm Best Shots European Union Europe Flag
Head gasket of a small diesel engine. Head Gasket Diesel Spare Part Engineering Gasket New York Unused Nobody¨ Object Studio Shot No People Blue Background Single Object
Old US Dollar money in closeup. Very short depth-of-field. Paper Currency Finance Currency Text No People Savings Still Life Stack Selective Focus Close-up Large Group Of Objects Economy One Dollar
Whole grilled fresh shrimps and vegetables served on a osteria restaurant in Venice, Italy Food Food And Drink Ready-to-eat Plate Indoors  Shrimp - Seafood Table No People
Red Currants in a small wicker basket. Food And Drink Fruit Food Red Wood - Material Berry Fruit No People Still Life Large Group Of Objects Red Currant Ripe
Red Currants in a small wicker basket. Food And Drink Food Freshness Fruit Table No People Berry Fruit Basket Container Large Group Of Objects Red Currant
An early summer flower. Very short depth-of-field. Flowering Plant Flower Plant Petal Close-up Flower Head White Color Selective Focus Nature No People Day Outdoors Daisy Daisies Summer
Old, worn and dirty car tire. Tire Wheel Indoors  Single Object Studio Shot Obsolete Dirty Old Worn Out
Detail of Finnish Parliament house. The unicameral parliament has 200 members and meets in the Parliament House in Helsinki. Building Exterior Architecture Built Structure Low Angle View No People Architectural Column In A Row Façade Building Eduskuntatalo Finland Parlament Eduskunta Parliament
Word "HOCKEY" made of real ice letters. Text Single Word Writing Cold Temperature Hockey Ice Hockey Sports Indoors
A block of dried instant ramen noodles White Background Studio Shot Indoors  Ramen Noodles Food Dried Edible Mushroom Instant
Grunge dirty photomanipulation of an ant. Animal Themes Animal Animal Wildlife Insect One Animal Studio Shot No People Ant Framed Grunge Gritty
Grunge dirty photomanipulation of a jerry can fuel container. White Background Studio Shot No People Single Object Dirty Jerry Can Jerry Casual Clothing Gasoline Gas
An obviously fragile object wrapped in paper and with a "fragile" sticker. Studio Shot Single Object No People Still Life Gray Background Wrapped Crumpled Crumpled Paper Fragile Glass Obvious Wine Glass
Retro chair in a green colored room with dirty floor Indoors  Chair No People Seat Empty Green Color Copy Space Wall - Building Feature Checkered Retro Old Worn Out Checked Pattern
Detail of an old wooden crate, suitable for background Wood - Material Backgrounds Textured  Old Full Frame No People Wood Weathered Plywood Frame Crate
Old worn one dollar bills, George Washington looking at camera. Finance Currency Paper Currency Paper Close-up Still Life Text Male Likeness Economy George Washington Doll Face Portrait USA
Different shades of blue jeans denim fabrics. Textile Full Frame Backgrounds No People Side By Side Clothing Textile Industry Still Life In A Row Jeans Garment
400W E40 metal halide lamp bulb isolated on white with reflection. White Background Studio Shot Single Object Light Bulb Electricity  Glass - Material Still Life Reflection Lighting Equipment Electric Lamp Electrical Equipment Metal Halide 400w
Question Mark. Hole cut in cardboard, smoke machine and spotlight. The image may appear noisy, but that is the texture of the smoke. No People Close-up Studio Shot Indoors  Illuminated Black Background Shape Light Question Mark Question Symbol
Negative financial stock data on a lcd screen Number Communication No People Technology Data Business Stock Market Data Close-up Finance Trading Illuminated Full Frame Information Indoors  Digital Display negative space Red Minus Numbers Percentage Downtown District
Vhristian cross. Hole cut in cardboard, smoke machine and spotlight. The image may appear noisy, but that is the texture of the smoke. Cross Cross Shape Religion Studio Shot Spirituality No People Black Background Dark Belief Illuminated Spotlight Symbol Indoors
Old keys hanging on strings. One key in the middle is in spotlight focus. Hanging Indoors  Metal No People Key Close-up In A Row Side By Side Group Of Objects Large Group Of Objects Studio Shot uniqueness Chosen Paths Outdoors
Alert senior 10 year old ginger cat sitting on a column. Pets Domestic Cat Domestic Cat Animal Themes Domestic Animals Animal Feline Mammal One Animal Blue Studio Shot Colored Background Blue Background Looking Sitting No People Looking Away Ginger Cat Whisker Tabby Sitting Column Curious
Finnish star-shaped joulutorttu christmas puff pastrieswith dried plum marmalade Food Food And Drink Close-up No People Plate Sweet Food Sweet Joulutorttu Puff Pastry Christmas Table Finland Finnish
A Cartoon-style round black bomb with a burning fuse.
C-cassette audio tape mess on white background
Interior view of a new european top loading washing machine. Very short depth-of-field.
Euro coins from Cyprus on blue background.
Swedish crisp bread on wooden table. Short depth-of-field.
Compact audio cassette with torn label.
Yellow soapy sponge on the hood of a blue car.
Unrecognizable burglar with crowbar and flashlight.
Burano is situated 7 kilometers from Venice. Burano is known for its small, brightly-painted houses.
Word Hockey written with real ice letters.
Word COOL made with real ice letters on ice.
An old Wooden house burning
Word Fragile stamped on a piece of brown corrugated cardboard.
A Wine glass packaged in brown wrapping paper with "Fragile" warning sticker.
A Opiliones spider, aka Daddy Longlegs or Harvestman on white background with reflection.
Old metallic rusty spring in closeup.
Old worn black leather glove isolated on white with natural shadow.
Ignition of a match stick.
Old wooden stepladder on white
A Laundy basket filled with only jeans. Isolated on white with natural shadows.
Artistic silhouette of a head with a bulb.
A new metallic step ladder isolated on white with natural shadows.
Pair of red women's pumps on white with natural reflection.
Alternative fuel: Wood pellets made of sawmill waste.
Finnish (Finland) Passport. This is the new (2013) of the passport.
Pieces of an old wooden crate with numbers.
Potatoes, dill, carrots and radish
Old black umbrella upside down on dirty concrete floor
Car tire in rain.
Old portable television with static noise.
Wooden scoop isolated on white with natural reflection.
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a covered double arcade formed of two glass-vaulted arcades at right angles intersecting in an octagon. Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Italy.
A Nordic Pine forest in evening light.
Bunch of yellow bananas on blue background.
Old teddy bear in a cardboard box with styrofoam packaging
old STOP traffic sign at the side of a road.
Time to change your toothbrush to a new one?
Detail of a new Head Gasket car engine part.
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a covered double arcade formed of two glass-vaulted arcades at right angles intersecting in an octagon. Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Italy.
Old red leather boxing gloves isolated on white.
LONDON, UK – APRIL 14, 2014: Symbols of London - Underground sign and Big Ben clock tower.
Detail of Tower Bridge in London, UK.
Cat scratching post isolated on a white background
A Traditional Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse (Swedish: Dalahast) It has become a symbol of Dalarna as well as Sweden in general. The design of the horse has been around for centuries.
Two number twos on a dirty industrial wall.
Wooden gavel on glossy table, The flag of USA in the background.
Words "Chill Out" made of real ice letters on ice background.
Three old cog gear wheels in closeup.
Background image texture of ice in closeup.
A Collection of old vintage metallic keys.
Chrystals of Candi Sugar / Rock Sugar.
Closeup of a brown cardboard box with word "Fragile" stamped with red ink.
Porcini mushroom (Boletus edulis) aka bolete or penny bun isolated on white
Yellow ripe Banana isolated on pink background
Brown pantyhose isolated on white
A Black ski mask aka Balaclava isolated on white with natural shadows.
The old glass dome of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy.
Sepia toned image of a stack of old worn books.
Word ICE made with real ice letters on ice.
The National flag of finland waving in the wind.
Water Vortex. note: some motion blur for added effect.
Cigarette butts
Pieces of black liquorice on white
Water spraying from a spray bottle nozzle
Harvested red currant berries in a small basket
Closeup of soap bubbles. The iridescent colours of soap bubbles are caused by interfering of (internally and externally) reflected light waves and are determined by the thickness of the film.