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Hey, girls &guys ,This is. Steven's world ,he likes taste good food &traveling .he thinks abt different places will give him different knowledge.
Color contract Flower Head Flower Yellow Petal Cosmos Flower Pollen Hibiscus Close-up Plant Plant Life Blossom Flowering Plant Day Lily Focus In Bloom Zinnia  Pistil Eastern Purple Coneflower
Night View of Zhujiang River City Cityscape Illuminated Urban Skyline Modern Skyscraper Architecture Sky Building Exterior Television Tower Tall - High Office Building Financial District  Office Building Exterior Tourist Attraction  Amusement Park Ride
Street corner Shot Commercial Street Architecture Canton City City Street Street Cityscape City Life Architecture Building Exterior Road Marking Zebra Crossing Bicycle Lane Crosswalk Pedestrian Crossing Sign Road Signal
Steamed Egg custard Food Homemade Homemade Food Eggcustard Snack Time! Delicious Parsley Soy Sauce Black Background Directly Above Table High Angle View Close-up Food And Drink
棧 道 鐵 索 河 流 樓 宇 波 光 天 空 ---風 景 宜 人 Water Shadow Sea Sunlight Pier Sky Boardwalk Footbridge Covered Bridge Wood Paneling Narrow Bridge Arch Bridge Shore
Bridge Reflection Bridge Reflection Water River Afternoon Gold cityscapes Ferris Wheel Water Sky Watermill Hydroelectric Power Commercial Fishing Net
Chinese drawing style pic. Desert Mountain Sand Sky Landscape View Into Land Patchwork Landscape Wide Shot Wide Calm Oilseed Rape
Excellent Skyline Water Sea Sunset Beach Low Tide Sand Blue Sky Horizon Over Water Architecture Seascape Calm Ocean Romantic Sky Office Building Dramatic Sky Rushing
結構 Flat Apartment #City Bnw_friday_eyeemchallenge City Business Finance And Industry Sky
Overlook Chengdu City Cityscape Urban Skyline Modern Skyscraper Sunset Aerial View Downtown District City Life Business Finance And Industry
Sunset /Railway /shadows Skyline Cityscape Sunset Square Photography Shadows Nightfall Purple Color Urban Skyline City Politics And Government Sunset Sky Railroad Station Platform Railroad Track Office Building Train - Vehicle Railroad Platform Railroad Tie
Market Central Pottingerstreet Taikwun HongKong ASIA Bnw Square View Retail  Store Communication Text Choice For Sale Market Stall Market Price Tag Street Market Market Vendor Retail Display Display
Street shots Guideboard Historical Place Stories from the City Film Photography City City Life Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Information Sign Signboard Road Sign Traffic Arrow Sign Street Name Sign One Way Information
Ferries wheel 🇭🇰 Night Lights Night View Architecture Pier Central Ferries Wheel Victoria Harbour Closeup CityWalk
Architecture shots HongKong Bnw Traveling Overlook City Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Skyscraper Office Building Skyline Building Story Cityscape
小島日落 Sunset of island Boat Fishing Village Water Flamingo Sea Sunset Beach Low Tide Sun Salt - Mineral Sky Romantic Sky
Fall season Outdoors Grass Autumn🍁🍁🍁 Sky Feild Trip Beautiful Weekend Activities Tree Sky Close-up Cloud - Sky Flower Head Petal
See world Boat CityWalk Photography Weekend Activities Flamingo Sea Beach Water Blue Colony Swimming Sky Coastline
Autumn leaves Leaf Autumn Winter Change Close-up Leaves Fall Autumn Collection Season  Leaf Vein Cold Twig Maple Leaf
Outdoors Nature Beautiful Nature Weekend Activities Flower Head Flower Petal Pollen White Color Close-up Blooming Plant Coneflower
Green world Ourdoor Nature Tree Soccer Field Sport Playing Field Soccer Agriculture Rural Scene Goal Post Field Sky
Wave & Stones Water Wave Power In Nature Sea Motion Beach Sky Close-up Surf Rushing Flowing Water
Pier lights 夕陽未歸 華燈初上 Night Lights Nightfall Bridge Seaside Photography Citylife China Water City Sea Beach Sunset Sky Horizon Over Water Cloud - Sky Pier Underneath Harbor
Dragonfly morning call Insect Full Length Close-up Dragonfly Web Animal Leg Animal Limb Water Drop Paw
Seaside with gold Water Sea Sunset Beach Low Tide Sand Sun Sunlight Summer Reflection Romantic Sky Seascape Moody Sky
一陣秋雨過後,空氣中多了幾絲寒意 Factory Building Reflection Bnw Watercovert Photography Citylife City Cityscape Skyscraper Modern Road Corporate Business Street Architecture Sky Building Exterior
Shells shots Sea Life Sea Water UnderSea Beach Sand Seashell Jellyfish Close-up
《紀實中國》靠著/趴著/站著/躺著 印象中国 Traincar Life 社會紀實 Human Hand Men Sitting Occupation Working Close-up
Sunshine Space Sunset Rural Scene Agriculture Horizon Tree Field Dramatic Sky Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky
SUNSET / NIGHTFALL / REFLECTION City Politics And Government Cityscape Urban Skyline Sunset Illuminated Bridge - Man Made Structure Business Finance And Industry Reflection Sky
和風夏日 Tree Flower Close-up Plant
the Great Wall City Life Thegreatwalllofchina CityWalk People Wall Photography Lifestyles Shot 中國 City Sky
Beautiful city shots City Cityscape Urban Skyline Water Modern Suspension Bridge Bridge - Man Made Structure Skyscraper River Sky Downtown District Bascule Bridge
接天蓮葉無窮碧 映日荷花別樣紅 Lotus shots Lotus Leaves🌿 Lake Petal Summer Pink Color Beautiful Closeup Afternoon Zhangjiakou China Flower Leaf Pink Color Close-up Plant Green Color
Stories of Rainning day City Reflection Architecture Close-up Rain Umbrella Wet Dew Water Drop Rainy Season Rainfall Puddle
MMM McDonald's LEGO Shots City Architecture Built Structure Tile Street Art
Mailbox Boxes Indoor Design Bnw Space Art Windows City Red Architecture Fire Hose
Citywalk view of Kalgan Hopeh Sky Overlooked Beauty City Cityscape Tree Skyscraper Urban Skyline Road Modern High Angle View Street City Life Overpass Traffic
Traffic view Capture Photography Outdoors Moutain Climbing Road Mountain Road Highway Traffic Sign Track Interchange Bridge Guideboard Zhangjiakou China Dongtaipingshan
素雅~Flowers shots Nature Photography Flower Head Flower Tree Springtime Pink Color Stamen Blossom Close-up Plant Petal
Sunset of Peak City Tree Cityscape Urban Skyline Sunset Skyscraper Blue Silhouette Sunlight Sky Sun Romantic Sky
Nice day City Street Streetphotography Nice Day Zhangjiakou,China Cars Bluesky Olympics Sunny Day Photography Tree Arts Culture And Entertainment Summer Amusement Park Sky Cloud - Sky Architecture Amusement Park Ride Pixelated
Countryside Mountain Grass Outdoor Railroad Track Rail Transportation Train - Vehicle Public Transportation Sky Grass Travel Railroad Station Platform
people in Railway station People Photography Train Station Railway Station Busy Street Windows Stories from the City Photography Square City Cityscape Urban Skyline Skyscraper Modern Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Office Building City Location Residential Structure
Skyline of Central Academy of Fine Arts Central ACademy Of Fine Arts #university Academy Afternoon Photography No People Clear Sky City Blue Sky Architecture Building Exterior Whitewashed Rooftop TOWNSCAPE Skyscraper Skyline
Nice day Light And Shadow Interchange Bridge City Bridge - Man Made Structure Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Airshow Office Building
Lookup Apartments Flat Houses Windows Composition Photography Beijing China 中國 Thinking About Life Bird City Red Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Police Station Skyscraper Historic Spread Wings Tall - High Skyline Downtown
Flowers light Rainning Capture EyeEm Nature Lover Enjoying Life Rainning Day Citylife CityWalk Flower City Flower Head Yellow Place Of Worship Architecture Close-up Building Exterior Built Structure Plant Petal
Sunset Capture Nature Aerial Shot Peak Outdoor Leaves🌿 Hiking Photography Olympic Forest Park Shadows & Lights Shots Nice Day Nighfall Park Composition Countryside Beautiful Nature No People Beijing China ASIA Close-up Tree Tree Area Sunset Multi Colored Silhouette Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky
Composition on the peak Bnw_captures Olympic Forest Park Art Citylife Beijing China High And Far Photography Themes Technology Camera - Photographic Equipment Film Industry Tree Silhouette Sky Camera Hiker Screen Digital Camera Lens - Optical Instrument Taking  Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera Countryside Sunset
Watch Lake think Life Lake Women Coldcolors Thinking Beautiful Nature Outdoor Stones Eyem Best Shots Photography In Motion Shots People Olympic Forest Park Being A Tourist Art Water Clear Sky Rear View Protection Summer Sky Umbrella Calm Rainy Season Lakeside Countryside
Shots Flowers Nature Close-up China Photography In Motion EyeEm Nature Lover Flower Head Flower Peony  Pink Color Petal Rose - Flower Springtime Close-up Plant Day Lily Iris - Plant In Bloom Plant Life Pale Pink Blooming
Clock Tower nightshots Architecture Photography Wangfujing Beijing Downtown District Clock Face Minute Hand Clock Time City Roman Numeral Hour Hand Illuminated Clock Tower Politics And Government Wall Clock Tower Tall - High Skyscraper Communications Tower Cityscape Skyline
Petals and Reflection Flowers Petal Reflection Freshness Clear Photography Nanluoguxiang Close-up Shots Light And Shadow Like Water High Angle View RainDrop Underwater Wet Rain Rainy Season
Flowers world Garden Rainning Day Nature Flower Head Flower Purple Petal Blue Close-up Plant Plant Life Wisteria
Darkness & Brightness Space Alone Time Hope.✌ darkness and light Darkart Life In Motion Rethink Things Photography Philosophy ShotOnIphone Technology Close-up EyeEmNewHere
Art editing Art B&w People Stories from the City Nature Photography Lifestyles Drawing Girl Historical Place Close-up Afternoon Lake Smiling Young Women Portrait Water Sitting Women Looking At Camera Smiling Beautiful Woman Swimming Pool
Historical wall 北京 Beijing, China Shots Closeup Tree Roof Red Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Traditional Building Capital Letter Outside Historic Tourist Attraction
Architecture forest High Bnw Cityscape Crazy City Life Looking Down Pattern Business Finance And Industry Store Close-up Building Exterior Street Art Mother Board Office Building Pixelated
Museum architecture Renmin University City History Steps Staircase Architecture Sky Built Structure Building Exterior Museum Stairway
Beacuse of light the world is Beautiful B&w Thinkart City Illuminated Road Car City Life High Angle View Street Traffic Speed Limit Sign Two Lane Highway
Greek style architecture希臘式建築 Geek Europe CityWalk Park Shot Closeup Photography In Motion Nature City Ancient Civilization History Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Monument
A bee is working in nature Green Working RapeFlowers Closeup Shot Lifestyle Photography Flower Head Flower Perching Yellow Insect Leaf Bee Butterfly - Insect Animal Themes Close-up Honey Bee Honeycomb
Architecture of museum Steps And Staircases Museum Bnw Photography Special👌shot Art Lookup Spiral Stairs
Special Flower Closeup 花 / 蝶 Special Incredible View Photography Lifestyle Photography Closeupshot Pure Colors Nature Photography Flower Head Flower Petal Purple Iris - Plant Close-up Plant Butterfly - Insect Flowering Plant In Bloom
Standing by People Umbrella Fashion Stories Shopping Center Square Politics And Government Full Length City Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Built Structure Building Exterior
The Light in darkness 黑暗裏的光明 Nightlife Night Lights darkness and light Bnw Architecture Art Laneway Downtown District Thinking About Life Street Light Stories from the City CityWalk City Life 中國 Photography Night
Clean sky and cloud Nature Neiborhood Wall Tree Art Lifestyles Clean Spring Nice Day Shot 中國畫 Tree Sky Close-up Cloud - Sky Plant
Flowers view Flower Head Flower Tree Branch Springtime Petal Blossom White Color Pollen Close-up
Roof Incredible 蓝色港湾 CityWalk Beijing Photography Backgrounds Concentric Full Frame Dome City Modern Pattern Architectural Design Ceiling Circle
Stories of Rainning Rainning Day B&w People Umbrella Art CityWalk Stories from the City 蓝色港湾 Square Businessman Reflection Beijing China Photography Citylife
Walking on the way 🤔 b&w street photography people and places Amoy Street Fujian, China CityWalk Lifestyle Railroad Track Rail Transportation Public Transportation Full Length Railroad Station Platform Train - Vehicle
Supper - cooking time Eggs... Tomato Homemade Onion Tasty Chinese Food Freshness Colorful Hobbies Sharing  Cooking Incredible Photography Composition #lifestyle Healthy Eating Delicious China Peking  Beijinglife Bowl Wood - Material Close-up Prepared Food Onion Ring
Life and art 798 Art Zone 798艺术区 Artcenter Street Fashion Incredible Beijinglife Mobilephotography Best EyeEm Shot CityWalk City Car Land Vehicle Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Tail Light Traffic Headlight
City walk Hutong b&w street photography People Hutong Life Citylife Lifestyles City Men Street Architecture Building Exterior Sky Zebra Crossing Road Marking Moving Pedestrian Bicycle Lane Pedestrian Crossing Sign
Sunset HOUHAI lake Photography Boat City Life #oldcity #Light & Shadow #Beijing #China  Tree Water Sunset Sky Cloud - Sky
雨中☔️行人 Beijing Drizzly Day Symmetry B&W Street Photograpghy Design Best EyeEm Shot Officers Umbrella B&w Workingtime Shadows & Lights Water Bridge - Man Made Structure Sky Office Building River Boat Ferris Wheel Waterfront
Temple Park Haidian District Beijing, China Peking University #photography #House #Skyline #wall #spring Temple Symmetry #Yuanmingyuan King - Royal Person City Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Cloud - Sky
Watch building on the overpass Overpass b&w street photography #Beijing Beijinglife Design Art China City Cityscape Apartment Residential Building Social Issues City Street Urban Skyline Architecture Building Exterior
River Riverside Flower Tree Springtime City Life CityWalk Peking University Cellphone Photography Colorful Water Tree Reflection Puddle Sky
Key point Jingshan Imperial Park Asymmetric B&W Street Photograpghy Incredible Beijinglife Mobilephotography Beijing, China Hiking Bnw Languages Words Communication Text Guidance Close-up Information
Tulips Freshness Park Flowers Sea Flowers,Plants & Garden Beautiful Beautiful Nature Flower Head Flower Poppy Red Zinnia  Petal Tulip Close-up Blooming Plant Plant Life Botany
Flat to blue Sky Symmetry Apartment Blue Sky Shadow Photography Built Structure Up Wall - Building Feature Chaoyang Beijing, China City Life CityWalk Lookup Art
SOHOs of Sanlitun village Modern Architecture B&w Photography Cityscape City Life Beijing, China Sanlitunsoho Sanlitunvillage Cellphone Photography China Photos Incredible Office Building Exterior Mobilephotography Mall Design Window Peking  Best EyeEm Shot Art City Modern Skyscraper Cityscape Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure
Homemade Cuisine Healthy Eating Homemade Creative Onions Orange Color Photography Spring Bamboo Shoots Close-up Food And Drink Served
Hongkong Dim sum &porige Hongkongfood Healthy Eating Dumpling  Dim Sum Table High Angle View Close-up Food And Drink Steamed
City night view Car Overpass Road Sign Spot Night Photography Bejing Night Light And Shadow Protection Safety Security Metal Chainlink Fence Sky Close-up
1970s of China B & W  Athletic Olympic Park  Weekend Activities Nostalgic  B&W Street Photograpghy Beijinglife Lookingup Tree Bare Tree Branch Sport Sky
Chinese Cuisine Vegetables Pork Meat! Meat! Meat! Homemade Food Freshness Suppertime Photography Yummy Symmetry Beijing, China Plate Close-up Green Color
Opened Windows City Full Frame Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure
Spring is comming Beijing, China Freshness Pink Color Open Plant Photography Weekend Activities Warm Flower Head Flower Branch Tree Springtime Blossom Close-up Sky
仰望蒼穹 Watch the Sky ASIA Building Circles In Circles Holding Photography Themes Friday ✌ Friday CreativePhotographer Foundation Beijing, China Studying Sky City Spiral Staircase Architecture Close-up Built Structure
Eggplant cooking Tasty Food Seeds Foodphotography Dinner Time Vegetables Dessert Close-up
簡影&日落🌅 Steven Photography Cellphone Photography Nightfall 簡影 City Urban Skyline Sunset Skyscraper Modern Silhouette Illuminated Sky Architecture
GO TO DISTANCE Traveling Photography Walking Around Found Railway City Hobby Symmetry Eyem Best Shots China B&w Tree Railroad Track Shadow Cold Temperature Sky Railway Bridge Railway Track Empty Road Straight
Creating Art Workers 798 Art Zone 798艺术区 Beijing China Ysk.steven Photography Found Love Life Modern Workplace Culture Occupation Full Length Sky
Vegetables Meeting Healthy Eating Supper Cucumber Colorful Salad Bowl Homemade Beijing, China Relaxed Fridaynight Ysk.steven Vegetable Preparation  Vegetarian Food Bowl Close-up
Blue sky on the wall of Mansion Nice Day High Office Building Photography City Modern Skyscraper Pyramid Business Finance And Industry Business Triangle Shape Sky Architecture Building Exterior
Freshness & Healthy cuisine Salad Vegetable Foodphotography Okra Dinner Tonight Beijing EyeEm Best Shots Seeds Yummy♡ Cooling  Foodart Homemade Food 中國 Plate Defocused Close-up Green Color
Belgium bier Best EyeEm Shot Acohol Imported Relaxing Art Bier Photography Tight Close-up Human Hand Communication Western Script