Stephanie Perea☆∞


There's a story behind every picture, so here is my story behind these pictures!!!∞☆
Always smiling no matter how dark the day mat be.....:)
Just a big heart... #big #heart #not #beautiful
I love photography!!!
Gym-y the turtle:b qt!!!:D
Ready for my interview:)!!!
No matter how dark the day may be the sun is always out and shining..... And that's how we should be with our smile:)
Im Bringing Sexy Backk!!;)
Ma herr is just huge:b
No matter what happens in life I will always have a smile in my face:D
This cutie was my one and only valentine:*
Help?? So while it's senior ditch day I'm in school playing this game:/
I want these lol D;
Ill be your short person!!!:D
And I choose to love:)
My wishes are all saved up in a bottle:D
All U Need Is Love❤
Bob Marley
Oh Yes
Amen to dat!!!!:)
The heart in the sky:D
This is me today:( haha since da bestie decided not to come:b
Ma herr:D
Me and the bestie:D love herr:3 after our tour and lunch:b
Dear bestie
Hahaha so true!!!! That's me:b
Admiring today's beautiful morning!!!! Thank u Jesus for giving me one more day of life!!!!:)
I want one of these!!!!!!!!
This one is better:b
True dat true dat
Admiring Nature's Beauty
I'd rather be in any of these places than here....
And mine:b
Admiring Nature's Beauty
Weight Class But Not So Smiley Afterwards
Oh Yes
All U Need Is Love❤
Admiring The View