Stefano Teti


“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” H. C. B.
Lake View Landscape Water Reflections Girl Contemplative Countryside
Pitti Museum Florence Morning Light Architecture Art
Statue Sculpture Ancient Culture Florence Loggiadeilanzi Sunbeam Shadow
VSCO Vscocam Ballons Prato Urban Landscape Urban Streetphotography Colorful
Vscocam VSCO Urban Landscape Architecture Prato Discover Your City
VSCO Vscocam Sammezzano
Vscocam VSCO Tree Immigrant Urban Landscape Streetphotography
Woman Lifestyle Soap Bubble Vscocam VSCO
VSCO Vscocam Soap Bubbles Soap Bubble Woman Lifestyle Hand
Vscocam VSCO Red Bycicle Shoes Vintage
Lomography VSCO Vscocam Photo Polaroid
Vscocam VSCO Dream Sign Red
Cyan Streetphotography Vscocam VSCO
VSCO Vscocam Signs Shadow Eye4photography  Geometric Shapes
Vscocam Florence VSCO
VSCO Florence Vscocam
VSCO Horse Landscape
Murder Scenes EyeEm Best Shots Crazy Moments Eye4photography
VSCO Streetphotography Shadow Sharkman
Streetphotography Streetphoto_bw VSCO
VSCO Mall Architecture Solitude
Dog Love Dog VSCO
Minimal Minimalism VSCO
VSCO People Streetphotography Streetphoto_color
Summer VSCO Sea And Sky Beach
Mission Mystery VSCO Girl Silhouette
VSCO Summer Sea And Sky
VSCO EyeEmbestshots Art Contemporary Art
VSCO Interior Design Window Eye4photography
Vscocam VSCO Florence Lonely
Vscocam VSCO Supernormal
VSCO Vscocam Bycicle
Bycicle Vscocam VSCO
Sunflower VSCO Vscocam
VSCO Vscocam
Milan Vscocam VSCO
Milan Pearl Jam Vscocam VSCO
Cat Vscocam VSCO
Cat Vscocam VSCO
Gate Sky Vscocam VSCO
VSCO Vscocam Southern Italy Church
Vscocam Church Southern Italy
On The Edge Feet
Cat Home Sweet Home
Door Emergency Exit
Vscocam Oldcars Maggiolino
Florence Wall Art
Instruments Iron Work
Florence Work Street Photography
Rainy Days