Valerie 💋✨


Follow me on instagram; @__staayy_weird My family is my everything 💕✨👪
drake •~
we curtt <3 ;)
Tia <33 on left mom <33 on right
i like it this way ...
im just that weird and that original (:
skating /.\
im know we ratchet but shes my bestfriend <3
my baby at the parks lake <3 so curtt ;** MyOwnEdit
piñiatas (/.\) gosh. Piniatas
brother sister love ~•<3•~
cousins (: Cousins ❤
never deny your family.. they will be the ones there for you in the end.. <3 Family
my eyes are just .. wow.
beauty within <3 Natural Beauty
just because my lips looked curtt xD
sunsets are always beautiful <333 Random