Sean Phillips


Final year photography degree student in Leeds. Let's see where the world takes us...
See the settig sun Sunset Sun Leeds City
A Dame to kill for
Our house
The last light Light Sun Sunset Urban
Walk the hills Walking Around Walking Moorland
El papa as a babi. HaHa
Flower power
I think you're freaky and I like you a lot
Laser party disco hat
Thai green curry +squid
Super food lunch with a cheeky GnT
Back to god home landwl we go
It's off to a gallery we go...
Best toilet wall graf ever. Couldn't agree more. "If I pay 20p for a poo I expect a hook on the door and free Wi-Fi"
Back to the valley Me Selfie Train Journey trainjourney home gayman gay gayboycute cueboy cutegay model smile eyes
Think I might have hurt my toe :/
Birthday girl n mama
One does not simply get the train to Hebden Bridge.
Evening walk
So happy to be spending the end of my weekend bender with the other gay in the house at Manchester Pride. <3
Touch of pink
Birthday buddy.
Birthday selfie. Nearly back home :)
Feels industrial
Last day in kent. Ow and look closely some windmills.
Over the sea I see...
Tonight's sunset..
Screw photography. I think I should be a joiner / landscape gardener
Tomorrow. I build some flower beds
Something satisfying about being the tallest
I rather like...
Herne Bay ..
Hair cut, new shirt... Buzzin
Today's work... Clean up mission
Cute little spider :/
Reflection of Today's gardening get-up... With a background toilet LOL
Home for the next 9 days
A different perspective.
Prepin it large
Preppy day.
Why did I bleach dye you guys??
My life in boxes...
This little guy has been stuck in my room for 3 days
DOWNPOUR... Take cover...
Grim up north.
Found the Tour Train
The Bridge.
Its bigger than a hip hop
Night night
Cus I know its so
Just obtained another onsie haha
Today's the day
2 days left
The night boat
Infusing rum with mint
Yorkshire town
6 days at work left
Morning Madness Selfie Smile Model gayman gayselfie
Its official. I got a foundation degree. WHOOP WHOOP
Panic over. Ticket has arrived.
Working hard
Playing with shadows
£102 in the beatherder fund ☺
Beatherder costume half completed. Sooo excited
Back from holiday. Str8 to work.
What a truck
The last beach
And one for me
Magaluf pint mojito
What a gezza
Magaluf baby
Captured some amazing lightning last night during the storm.
Best photo ever
Home for the next week
Ocean from above
Up in the air
Hear we go... See you next week