Soumalya Garai

I am a dreamer
Soumalya Garai
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Red boat in canal against clear sky
Man working on seat
Woman sitting on door of building
Flock of birds flying over building
Low angle view of building seen through window
real people
Silhouette people on beach against sky during sunset
Full length of a man standing against building
Rear view of man on street against buildings in city
Close-up portrait of smiling young man
Portrait of cute girl outdoors
Man with arms raised on field against sky
People on shore against sky during sunset
View of tree trunks on field
Rear view of people walking in bus
Close-up of hand holding leaf
Portrait of young man standing against wall
Interior of train
Close-up portrait of young man
High angle view of vehicles on road against sky
Man riding bicycle on road
Cow standing in a field
Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
People on illuminated street at night
Silhouette sailboat in sea against sky
Low section of woman sitting on floor
Silhouette tree on field against sky
Low angle view of birds flying in the sky
Low angle view of silhouette tree against sky during sunset
Raindrops on glass window at night
Portrait of woman against black background
High angle view of mother and daughter
Rear view of man standing on messy building
Rear view of people standing on floor
Man riding bicycle on road
Close-up portrait of man against dark background
Close-up of smoke emitting from cigarette
Men standing by modern buildings against clear sky
Scenic view of beach against sky during sunset
Close-up portrait of man
Full length of shirtless man standing in sea
People enjoying in sea against sky
Full length of friends sitting outdoors
Portrait of man statue against sky
Happy friends on shore against sky
Low angle view of people at night
Statue of buddha sculpture against sea
Silhouette men sitting on beach against sky during sunset
Silhouette bird flying over sea against sky
Statue of sea against sky
Rear view of people sitting against building
Stack of working on plant
Shadow of people on street in city
Portrait of shirtless boy sitting on bridge against sky
Portrait of young man
Railroad tracks in tunnel
Portrait of shirtless boy lying on floor
Close-up of hand holding bird against black background
Rear view of person standing in illuminated tunnel