Sol Cervantes


College Student living&enjoying Life... InlovewithLife ... Livin livin livin it bcus life is short
Hello world.... Living the U.S. Life ;) with Mexican Pride Taking Photos
Lastnight Smile Cowgirl
Take any opportunity.., life is an adventure
En la linea Mexicali/Calexico .. Un muy buen fin de semana vale la pena la linea
Gotta Love my babygirl Vanni... Shes always there for me awww Viejaa te kieroo Memories Funtimes Budlighthat Hat friendship bffs bfffs
Just chilling youknow haahaaa Afterhavinggoneforarun
Love to run gives me power & strenght in life Run Runningshoes Nike
learning how to play the guitar.. I Love this instrument Guitar Payingtheguitar
With the friend :) Bffs
tia&niece time ... Glamis
Cemetery Tombs Panteon Diademuertos
LoveThem Memories Fun Friends BFFFS
Calelemijo Conganas
The best thing about memories is making them Shooting Hunting Friends Bffs fun
Studying Skull Archeology College
LastNight with my baby girl @la_vanie Bff Black &white BADGİRLS Salud
Familytime at the FinneyLake California Fishing Lake Camping Campingarea summer summersincali Fun & Adventure
Brother Cousin Night Dinner sandiego mexicanfood july Summer
Yupp its raining again.. that's why I love so much this place Laredo Rain Love Feet wet
Welcome to mi rancho Morningwalks
Alacránciito :) Attherancho Nofear Bigone Loveit hermozoanimal
With the friend @yalvani_valenzuela jhajha at vincent's party
Una maskotita k me enkontre Murcielago Vivo Rancho
Rain Nieceview Everione should get @Instachatus so we can chat
Livin, lovin, enjoying
Walking the sobrinos :P precious & maximus
Weirdas <3
Take a brake, say my name and i'll be there