Brittany Bodirsky


Lol bad pic.
Me and the besties at graduation.
A fav.
Me and my ma at graduation.
Me & shai.
Lol pigtails!
Senior picture. <3
Haha I was skippin class. :p
Proudest moment of my life so far and I got to share it with my Mom <3
Lil bro. <3
Lol I miss these guys
Lol he got caught slippin.
Cupcake mix war with lil bro. <3
Lil bro. <3
Me and my twinn.!!
Lol my peeps caught me slippin bein a good girl and doin my work in school. :P
Yeah ima get my long hair back..
My super powers were called upon that day. xD
Pic says it all...
Lol i was off daydreamin
Me and my bentley.!!!
Lol we were some straight dorks. :P
Think it was a long day...
Happens to be one of my favorite pics...
Miss the good ol days. :/
Smh. Lol
Lol my lil bro thought he was top chef that night bakin some cupcakes.
Old friends...
Jus bein me
Lol couldnt nobody tell us nothin back then.
#tennis #throwback
Haha my #athletic days playin tennis with the bestie
#throwback with the bestie. <3
Me & aunt kimmie
Me & my nana.!
Me & my favorite uncle josh.!