David Hájek


Work Walking Nightphotography Night Flash
The Human Condition
Walking Around Garden Relaxing Way To Go Home Chillin
Weather Building Clouds Clouds And Sky Sky Art
Prague Clouds Sun Weather
My Dog Is Cooler Than Your Kid. Dog Funny I Love My Dog
Subway Subwayphotography Way To Go Home Fast
Subway Station Subwayphotography Way To Go Home
Kik Me ♥ Kik Me :) Smaja8 come kik ppl ☺
Train Vacation Time On The Road Kikmegirls The Human Condition
Bird Perspective In Work Night Light Lamps
Bird Perspective Prague Smoking Pause In Work
Night Party Time Dog Prague Bar Batalion Václavské Námēsti
Art In Prague Horse Glass Bubles BIG Walking Around Quadrio
Prague Vyhlídka Nice
Relaxing Diner Time  Krevet:))
Relaxing Dog Chillin My two Loves ♡ The Human Condition
Graffiti Street Art Walking Around
Walking Around Street Art Graffiti
street art Walking Around
Spojenì šikovnosti s dokonalostì :) Relaxing First Eyeem Photo