"I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking." Christopher Isherwood
Days end NEM Black&white AMPt_community Streetphoto_bw
The Human Condition
The Human Condition
Elegance Everywhere NEM Black&white NEM Memories
Streetphoto_bw NEMstreet AMPt_community NEM Black&white
NEMstreet AMPt_community Wearegrryo
Don't Fence me in. Sgs4, stackables AMPt_community NEM Landscapes
NEM Memories NEM ImpossibleHumans Wearegrryo NEM Black&white
The Human Condition is finding retirement and aspirations in a plastic bag Wearegrryo NEMstreet
NEM Black&white Blackandwhite
Multiple Layers
Awash NEMstreet Mob Fiction NEM Mood Streetphoto_bw
Wearegrryo AMPt_community NEMstreet
Eye Em Landscape-Collection NEM Landscapes Wearegrryo AMPt_community sgs4, stackables
The Human Condition
The Human Condition
Musing Cameron. NEM Black&white Wearegrryo NEM Mood AMPt_community shot with sgs4 and edited with tintype.
Multiple Layers NEMself Wearegrryo Hipstamatic
EyeEm Best Edits AMPt_community NEMstreet Mob Fiction
AMPt_community Wearegrryo