I come from germany.Lived 7 years in mexico and I am half american. I love to write my own books and to read books. I am a soul longboarder.
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Heartbeat Moments
my sister and my cousin hugging eachother <3 Heartbeat Moments
policia madrileña
Bike Week
my new snapback LAKERS and my new longboard. My boyfriend gave them to me <3 Swavey
Kreuzberg ist Kreuzberg. Die Wohnungen sollten für egalwen erreichbar sein! :) Hyberlin
<3 Bestfriend
what is SOYT? These look just like beats by dr. Drey...this is just so cool :) Window Shopping
Hermannplatz vor Karstadt. Erst Nachts nach 2 Jahren entdeckt. Berlin, du bist so wunderbar! Hyberlin
Why should people tell me what to do? Why can't I do what I love to do? Is a school education really the best solution? I am not trying to say that going to school is bad. But why let an simple exam result decide over your whole fate/life? This is where I EyeEm X Vice Don't
Free your mind, so that you can live on without thinking about every single move you do in life. Set your soul free so that it can rest from stress just for an instant. Live as if there is a tomorrow. Because thinking it the other way around, shows the fe EyeEm X Vice Do
at the fallen wall of Berlin Germany 2013 #outfit #OOTD
Night Lights
GOD is watching us EyeEm Best Shots
my bf while longboarding... EyeEm Best Shots
well... Taking Photos
Taking Photos
I believe I can, Iam not kidding...I really believe that I can fly }+{
paname allons danser
a few hours ago as I went to a different city ..:)
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
EyeEm Best Shots
EyeEm Best Shots
EyeEm Best Shots
drew this on my I am thinking about having a tattoo right there..similar to this one. Obviously nicer. It must look like a real eye
Other People's Shoes
orange orchidee Nature
so stunning...and beautiful Nature
#flower Nature
Girls With Tattoos
started from the bottom now we here!
As Simple As Me
I love thisnold house between the new ones.. <3