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The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge First Eyeem Photo
Call big mama, tell her I need promethazine. SiccBoyz RamirezGang Re -Sprite LegalLeaning
I went from that to this. HeartThrobMob RamirezGang HighClassHoodrats BoxCurls Troop KendallGill So503 Curls4girls DionSanders
Got an interview Tuesday BorderBrothersMob
What happens, when we start plottin. RamirezGang CuttahGangboyz BorderBrothersMob HighClassHoodrat HeartThrobMob
The Chronicle of Richard Long HighClassHoodrat RamirezGang BorderBrothersMob
Promised my Bro @martonekneeo I wouldn't bang anymore. So I'm just reppin the Trinity. WhispaClicc CuttahGang DarccideMafia Dayones MoreLikeFamily SomethinLikeAFrat
I'm bacc on my bullshit. Problem DLMG 354 Teamratchet
The anthem for the Weekend. CuttahGang WhispaClicc Cliccboyz Flav 'n WatchMe WeDooooIt
Fornication Under Control of Cuttah aka fucc. TBT  MakingofCuttah CuttahGang
Hanging out with my nephew. Slim &AnthonyShow
Out of all times I've watched Wwe Raw I've never saw Hulk Hogan in the flesh. NWO Hulkamania Hulkster GOAT
Today's show is brought to you by Raw papers. "If it ain't a RAW paper, you just wasting flavor" Raw DogWalkerOG OMMP
Blackjesus nuff said
????? @erkthajerk NerdRap
Cheech chong and the truffle shuffle
This is what I call therapy. CuttahGangboyz HeartThrobMob DoubleFeature Part2Later
This horse was with the shit. He said "I want all my hair bacc, on fades" Whythelongface AllMineNoTracks YouAintIndian BishThatsQuarterHorse
She mad or nah Cliccboyz CuttahGang WeDoIt SlimJagShow dontbringyourkidstotheGame Thunder
Spent a lot of time around this corner sto. Northside Thelodge Darccide DeeJays
Eb and Tone just have bail ready and call my momma. And remember press one. Shirts are coming soon. @e40 CollectCall YaPartnaMane Oneluv PriceGang some add Lotnita
I had to do it. BookerT 5timeChamps FivetimeFivetimeFivetimeFivetimeFivetime Spurs OldManGame InYourFaceBosh Pancakes?
Sometimes the strongest bonds are unspoken. CuttahandPlaymethius Huskylife Staffordshire Huskyhybrid HeartThrobMob CuttahGang Shaggy&Scooby
Classic kicks for a Classic night. Retrokicks AF1  Cliccboyz WhispaClicc
Thinking bout life. Mind Racin Drugstorecowboy Deepinthought
My read of the day. Thanks bro @martonekneeo
Double shots and a Cuttah Gang night, Woke up feelin like Kid Dy-No-Mite. CasanovaOfTheGhetto GoodTimes Idontlooklikehim
I got tap water for sale. ClackamasCounty Forthevine GotThaPlug
Just chillin in my shorts watchin the game. GotOnJsToo LetTheHateBegin ThereComfyThough NeedSomeLotion AshyLegs ImaHeartThrob sheKnowThat
She go do it for this 2% or nah.......(Ye' shrug) HopeSheAintLactose ItsFresh AintFreeButGotaPlug BreastmilkKilla NoPump AllReebok
S/o the the Cutty @dubbleoo for letting the kid hop on a track to rep the city. TBT  EastPO WestPO Northside Southside filthy
Yep I got it. Don't judge me Mitches. Suburbs Houseparty NickCannonisdope
Who says the weekends over. Enjoy life OnlyTheReal
Tonight has been sponsored by Whiteremy NoSwishers Backwoods CuttahGang
Live from the Moda Center
Rp Might enjoy the day lol
It has my name on it so its mine. Fatkidissues Illrunitoff Itslabeled
Be careful tonight ladies lmfao. Wasntready Pineapples HighTimes Workyourwayup trainingwheels whatsinthisdrink angeldustholmes
We're just like taxes, always here. Cliccboyz Nofad Neverdie RNLF
Why is everyone laughing but me? TBT  Whoatepicklesandcornnuts Ithinkcoolranch Thepicklewashot stillhadtheseedsinteef
Get out of line and I'll hit you with a block Mutumbo
Young Slim with the Thizz Face. I think it was '84. TBT  Cuttah 22nd Going AfroSheen
Had to hit up @DaFonte's for this. Exclusive  Pdxchef Cliccboyz
My bro @martonekneeo went from looking like @Usher to looking like @KimboSlice
Album of the day. Erk NerdRap
Checc my Crew Tattoo Cliccboyz WhispaWorld Legacy
Been turn-up off this since yesterday, then woke up and heard Doe got killed. @dropolo Rip Homeboyz GottaStop
Hit me on my new phone (503) 555-2424. TBT  Brickphone FaceTime PageMe
Best Christmas gift ever. Idontnormallysmokeswishers OldschoolMickeys Nobroccbacc Flaminhotcheetos hoodshit rns simplethings
We're at it again TBT  TurnUpThursday CuttahGang stay tuned
They do a Thou-wow for the Cutty's and dont bat an eye. MondayMotivators CliccSisters Family WhispaWorld
Y'all didn't know we had bars TBT  Cliccboyz TheMafi 14thWebsterDays @oregonfitlife @tarrellwilliams
Tell ya chick stop starring that's what Facebook is for. UglyNiggasnQuiet HeartthobU @e40
If it ain't snowing, I ain't goin. - Latrell Spencer
Sometimes its the small things that matter. Heartthrob Notags Nowords SheKnowsWho Cuttah
Yep I Did It. Cliccboy CuttahGang FDB WhispaWorld CuttahBoy TurfShit
This album taught me that you should be yourself and enjoy life to the fullest. Thizz Macdre Mdm StillDancin Thizzface ThizzNation
My tip at the bar
"Ima get a Backwood and smoke me an eighth/ You can take that swisher sweet to the face" TipFurl Backwoods NoSwisher Northside Cutthoats ThizzNation
The turn-up is real
Happy Halloween. Thriller NoSumNiggas Beatit Lightskinfriend darkskinfriend looklikeMJ
Damn this is an old one: In Mexico City, takin a quick photo before we defend out Championship belts (tagteam & heavyweight) in Cancun. @oregonfitlife @kenesquire TBT  Mexicocity  Airport ForTheFans YeahWeWrestle nobroccbacc beltshad2stay Lucador LucheLibre NegroLibre
Eating bread, talking bread TBT  Somewherein503 Highlife Ithinkitwasturkey koolmoedee
Celebratin' lil Wiz day. Family KhalifaGang Nickelsonnickles PriceGang @missdprice @400wavyseas
Early night stroll down some street disclosed. Thegate pasttime Infamous Legends RiceDub SoufEas
Say hello to my lil friend. My moms 3week old pup. Hybrid Pitbullsofinstagram Huskylife Brindle Cuttahz
On my Blacc Hucc Phen tonight. All I need is a Wigga named Jim. Jameson Hoodbilly Moonshine TheLetterDoubleU CuttahBoy Whispa
It's Nothin Khalifa 3Stripes CuttahBoy
My view on the way home Plottin Skemin Mobbin Onhigh
If it's major, hit me on my pager. Cliccboy Cuttah HallOfGame @e40
Only look down when I cleaning my AR-D1. OnTheClock Classics Adidas 3Stripes wholyMoly donutshop HBK
Bacc to Mobbin. Hoodshit BullyswitFullys @jackamobfigaz
You can the Cutty on Xbox live. Tag - SlimCuttah Mobbin
How many folks can make an Orca jump like Jordan? Uhh none but me. Nophotoshop ImRaw
Had to do a double take but What's wrong with this pic? HighTimes Noreally Whodothat MmMmGee
My brother is what you was, but you turned into some shit that we wasn't, felt like you was my fam but now you some bitch's cousin. Cliccboy Cuttah RealWhispa
Np - "Deep Az The Root". Taking my mind on a journey, while figuring out complex issues. WestCoast Legends Classic OldSchool OG Game funk RidahMusic
Gone off a moonrocc and this is the shit. LikeUh @problem354
Late night session in the lab, listening to Classics. Np "I want to be free". PlayerShit Catdaddy Game OldSchool
Clicc is known from The North to Eugene and the New face of the business. Play and Cuttah are Eatin' Dedication Promotion HardWorkPaysOff FromTheBottom Cliccboyz CuttahLyfe
Need to get my soil right CuttahGang WhispaWorld
I usually don't post my job but, 13 years ago I walked thru the door of this place and haven't left. Chicagobeef PdxFood Fastestintheworld ChefCuttah greatness
On repeat all day @cranedango @martonekneeo @oregonfitlife @brandonp503 @babyjag89 @emaculentmind @tarrellwilliams WhispaWorld Cliccboyz
The first person to make a backplanet page. @martonekneeo "SHOCKDAWURLD83" Butler TBT  Fireworks Pschilkshirt
By the time Monday morning hits, some of y'all are gonna hit the unfollow button. Jag &CuttahShow Cliccboyz CuttahBoyz WhispaWorld backwoods RweTaping
If you look up brother in the dictionary, your gonna see a pic of this dude right here. @martonekneeo Bonds DayOne BulterBoyz
Live from the crowd HbkPortland @heartbreaksuzy @k00lj0hn @jay_ant
Yes I'm supporting the stereotype. Don't judge me. Foodporn HighTimes RNS Bomb onCitas
We at it again. CuttahBoyz HBK SchmopLife TheBernie
Smokin that shit like a hoodrat, Drankin that shit like s hoodrat. @k00lj0hn Jamey Woods
Grey Goose in my system. Hit me on here or snapchat cutty
Only for the Real. TBT  Colt45 Blacc &mild 80sBaby BillieDWilliams @snoopdogg
Say what you want. But Cuttah and Tone are the only real Negeus to say we grew up of this street.
We may fuss, we may fight and argue, but at the End of the Day. I'm gonna grow old with these Whispas BrothersDay TBT
How my dog helps with yard work. Huskylife Hybrid Dogs &trees Workflow
Cod tacos with cilantro, raw onion and tomato salsa. BaccOnMyBS ChefClicc Nocompetition