Hi, I'm Skye
'I know when you were a little girl. you dreamt of being in my world.."
One time for the females WATCHING my pages... :D
La familia.
Me & my ❤ yesterday. #LatePost
What I had today.
Mama you the ---- I'll pay ya car note, why you FWH even his car broke..❤
Me & my twin.
Okay, I'm riding 1O5 on 1O5.. Witnesses had said they'd seen a ball of fire..
My boots
Just did my nails...
"Found A Top Model With A Tahoe.."
Me & my TWIN.
Me and my Monie baby last night skating.❤
Enjoying Life
Hanging Out
My nails
Watching BGC ATL
Enjoying Life
Hanging Out
That's Me
Hanging Out
My Heart Courtney ❤
My twin and I at graduation pictures.
Graduation pictures with my homies.
When I Got My Highlights.