Laura Putri


Stack of book Book Street Photography Vintage Artbooks Inspirations
Let's pray Red Vihara Religion Budha
Music corner Music Store Vinyl Records Musicstore Vintage Bandung INDONESIA
Nature painting from bali Summertime Green Ricefields Bali Ubud Indonesian View
Sun Tanning Summer Tanning Beach July
Summer colour Summer Bali, Indonesia Canggu View Colour Of Life
Hey! Old man Bali Summer Oldman Canggu Blue
It's that your light? Sunset Sky And Clouds Beach Bali
Public space Photography Jakarta Indonesia Fujifilmphotography Historical Building INDONESIA Kotatuajakarta Traveling
Batavia cafe Jakarta Indonesia Indonesia_photography Nusantara Photography Blackandwhite Fujifilmphotography Fujifilm XA2
Toko merah Jakarta Indonesia Kotatuajakarta Explorejakarta INDONESIA Photography Fujifilm Fujifilmphotography Landscape Historical Building
Expression Soul Music Euphoria Concert
Blue white Kaolin Belitung Explore INDONESIA Traveling
Bright Two People Sunset Japan Street Garden Conversation
Blue kimono Blue Kimono Kimono Girl Japan
Somewhere over the blue ice Something Somewhere Blue Blue Sky Mood Japan Fujimountain Morning
Let's play to your soul Music Guitars Jamming Postrock
Fuji mountain Traveling Photography Japan Photography Fujifilm XA2
Determination Blackandwhite Photography Walking Around Fujifilm XA2 Traveling
Detektif Blackandwhite Underground Coat Landscape
When you have to understand, Destination Walk Thinking About Life Story
The walk City Blackandwhite Walk Destination
UNDFTD Blackandwhite TheJourney
Sun power Mountain Landscape View Feel INDONESIA Bromo
Bettwen green View Landscape Green Nature Calm Photography INDONESIA Sumatra  Life
View Beach Afternoon Felling Sanur Bali Indonesia
Mountain View Clouds And Sky Layer
Where's nobita home? Japan Japan Photography Littlestreet Blackandwhite Walk
Waiting you sunset Sunset Beach
Morning blue First Eyeem Photo