Silvia Frigerio

Instagram: silviafrigerio
Silvia Frigerio
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Low section of man using mobile phone
High angle view of baby girl sleeping on grass
Low section view of mobile phone
Close up of woman
Man in water
Full length of woman on beach against sky
Portrait of boy swimming in pool
Close-up view of yellow leaves
Close-up of young woman in balloons
Low angle view of cat on tree
Close-up of cat on tree
Portrait of squirrel on tree
Boy swimming in sea
Low angle view of autumn tree against clear sky
Full length of man holding umbrella
Low angle view of man jumping against clear sky
Low angle view of people on tree against clear blue sky
Close-up of fresh orange flowers blooming in park
Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
Rear view of a woman walking on tree
Scenic view of beach
Close-up of horse in water
Close-up of red and plants against trees
Close-up of woman with red flower
Close-up portrait of a smiling young man
Flowers growing on wet plant
Close-up high angle view of flowers
Close-up of boy eating food at home
Low angle view of bird perching on cable against clear sky
Close-up portrait of boy eating food
Close-up of coffee cup on plant
Close-up of lizard on rock by sea against sky
Plants growing in forest
Scenic view of sunset over sea
Portrait of young woman standing outdoors
Close-up of bamboo plant
Young man standing by railing in forest
Woman with red flower
Portrait of young man standing outdoors
Young woman sitting in airplane
Rear view of people in car
Rear view of woman standing on grass
Man swimming in pool
Walkway amidst trees
Young woman standing by railing in forest
Close-up of shirtless boy
People on snow covered landscape against clear blue sky
Full length of children on snow covered landscape during winter
Woman with umbrella on snow
People on frozen lake against sky
Woman standing on snow covered mountain against clear sky
Full length of person skiing on snowcapped mountains
Low section of woman standing on ground
Men in sea against sky
Close-up of multi colored maple leaf on autumn leaves
Crowd on street in city
Close-up of wilted flower
Young woman with bicycle
Man cycling on bicycle
Boy jumping against clear sky
Bird swimming in lake
Full frame shot of red pattern
Variety of display at store
Autumn leaves floating on water in forest
Woman with pink flowers
Close-up of hands on tree
Man with arms raised
Rear view of people walking in farm
High angle view of yellow flowers on field
High angle view of people
Close-up of butterfly perching on red flower
Man on cliff by river against rocky mountains
People on beach against sky
View of duck swimming in lake
People swimming in pool
Close-up of cat sleeping on sofa at home
Man in front of traditional clothing in container
Birds flying over snowcapped mountains against clear sky
Bird flying over mountains against sky
Surface level of countryside landscape against the sky
Scenic view of lake
People sitting on table in illuminated room
Chairs and table in illuminated room
Low angle view of girl holding colorful balloons against blue sky
View of pumpkins in garden during autumn
Full length of girl relaxing in park
Man riding bicycle in lake
Woman riding bicycle on road
Reflection of trees in water
Close-up of information sign
Side view of man having food
High angle view of city against clear sky
Buildings in city
Bare trees on beach
Man skateboarding on sand against sky
Scenic view of calm sea
Scenic view of beach
Low angle view of flowers against blue sky