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Lowrider Sacramento, California
Car Lowrider Car Show
RePicture Motherhood
Graffiti Light Light And Shadow
Model Cigarette  Cigarettes Fort Ord, Ca Monterey Bay
Sexy Lips And Eyes Sexy Lips Tummy Hot Seductive Model
Babe Hot Girls Sexy Lips Sexygirl Hat Rings
Monterey County Monterey Bay Monterey Field
The Underground Graffiti Underground Tunnel Long Exposure Rain
Turnstile Turnstile Nonstop Feeling Hardcore
Add me on Instagram or just hit me up I love making new friends and meeting new people Blackandwhite Black And White Photography Shitty Lens Self Portrait Taking Photos
Nightphotography Billboards
Walk This Way
Shirty Lens Power Lines Blackandwhite Lightroom Photoshop Open Edit Urban Photography
Waterfalls Waterfall Beach
Blackandwhite Smoke Smoking Weed Blunt San Jose California Hotguys Shittylens Enjoying Life Urban
Beach Beachphotography Davenport
Self Portrait Beach Beachphotography Urban Photography Hottie San Jose
Beach Coast Potrait Self Portrait Hmu
A Potrait Urban Photography Hottie Sexygirl Lips Hot Girls Thighs
Gonzales California
Graffiti Urban Photography Benching
Davenport  california
Cave Lurking
Lurking Model Shittylens
Forest Redwoods Santa Cruz
Self Portrait Lurking Sexy Hot
Potrait Hot Smoke Weed santa cruz
Fuck Me Hard !
Long Exposure
Long Exposure shitty lens
Time To Reflect
RePicture Wealth
Mission Mystery
Mission Mystery
Mission Mystery
RePicture Wealth my planet
Light And Shadow
RePicture Wealth wealth to me is my childhood that's something I never wanna lose and I'm glad I have my nephews to guide me thru all the mess