Musician, writer. I love photography. Perspective is key. just a mediocre photographer with minimum surroundings.
This isn't my photo but i really like it. Throwback
I love blurry pictures
Looks like coachella Fair
Performed a show today
Motherandson  Family
Relaxing BradentonFl Sopeaceful
Diner Oldfashioned Rain Blackandwhite
Rain Diner
🌷 Flowers 🌹 Red
Playground Sun Trees
Bay Nature
Swingset Playground Bay
Park LOL
Hope Graffiti
Look Up And Thrive sun or moon? Beats me.
Woodstacks Random :)
Early mornings... Mush Coffee
Clouds in the sky, but they aren't bad clouds. Clouds Cloudsaregood
Bay Goodday
Found this in the sky. Nature Sunset Look Up And Thrive
Bay Look Up And Thrive
This picture really reminded me of Thegiver
Fall Leaves Nature
Supernormal Blackandwhite I feel like these pictures especially really make you ponder. Look, and what do you see? A pot. So many things could be done with a pot.
Capture whatever you feel like capturing. Nature Free Look Up And Thrive
Dragonflies release me. Dragonfly
Trees Look Up And Thrive
Simple but so complex Memories
That secret that you know, but you don't know how to tell, it screws with your honor, and it teases your head.
I see Michael Myers' face. ? Strolling RainyDays
Call me chef shelbs. ? Everyday
I considered sleeping in here a few times when I was younger. Wonder if I still could...
Smoothies on a saturday..♡