Sheila Leon


It's that time again. Incense & Temple madness. Vscocam
Mini forest, not really. Vscocam
@jadeyp0p Who is da master?! Vscocam
@gabjovi you know it's not guacamole ?
I love this phones camera.
@gabjovi remember this little lady? Vscocam
This cat.
Largest stick bug I've ever seen! That's an Aussie 50c coin for comparison
Love this cat
Jake toaster!
Fractured tibia ? ? ? ?
City of New York doorknob. I've been wanting to take a photo of this every time I walk past this house, but there's always people around. I'm not a creeper :'(
Found this while browsing the Tessellation tag. Very cool @dannysan21
Cutting bagels are dangerous. 3 stitches ?
@gabjovi lol ?
Just look at the happiness!
Hi @gabjovi Wish you were here.
Hi @gabjovi
Mr. RJ Vscocam
Just one more to go. I love this game
old skool
Dream home. Can we get one @anonamiss?
Supreme Mango Milk Crushed Ice with Pearls and Cake Jelly from MeetFresh
If the cover doesn't do it for you, the song will. *swooned*
The Budos Band at Sydney Festival's Daptone Super Soul Revue
Charles Bradley at Sydney Festival's Daptone Super Soul Revue
My evening :D
Office View, which isn't really so bad.
Xmas Light watching. No, it wasn't my idea.
Oh la la coffee cup. All cups should have this. Best part it was on $2
Flower Power throw pillow
Receiving this just made my whole week. Best FanFiction story ever.
Central Station
Hotpot dinner! Yumzors!
DIY Fridge Magnets. Hopefully they live at least a week
Hermits are fascinating
Kitty Pretzel!
Cheers! You absolute legend.
Red Pocket Money Macro shot with CrossProcess app
Meet Miss Viola the Engineer. I love GW2's character options.
No cool dancing dudes in suits please
At the temple part 2
At the temple
It's a seagull, but the shadow looks like a duck
I think she was warding off evil by waving around paper burning. Oh Cabramatta, you are a delight everytime I head out here
So nice today
Oh, good morning to you too
And I'm stuffed. Love a good home cooked meal from T.T's
Dev keeping the kitty safe and warm
Digital Zen Garden
hanging around
From the backyard
Forest which is really just my Macy's wallpaper.
Parrot and Nom noms
mudcrab at iron chef
The pups are lazy today.
Mousepad from Officeworks. It's going straight on the wall
Reader's Digest building
If you look closely, there's a happy face. Also looks like a lion. A happy lion water spot!
Three Guesses...go!
Porch at Dusk
RDR has the best sunrises
Octo-tree Doodle done at work
Puppy Love