Sheila Leon


It's that time again. Incense & Temple madness. Vscocam
Mini forest, not really. Vscocam
@jadeyp0p Who is da master?! Vscocam
@gabjovi you know it's not guacamole ?
I love this phones camera.
@gabjovi remember this little lady? Vscocam
This cat.
Largest stick bug I've ever seen! That's an Aussie 50c coin for comparison
Love this cat
Jake toaster!
Fractured tibia ? ? ? ?
City of New York doorknob. I've been wanting to take a photo of this every time I walk past this house, but there's always people around. I'm not a creeper :'(
Found this while browsing the Tessellation tag. Very cool @dannysan21
Cutting bagels are dangerous. 3 stitches ?
@gabjovi lol ?
Just look at the happiness!
Hi @gabjovi Wish you were here.
Hi @gabjovi
Mr. RJ Vscocam
Just one more to go. I love this game
old skool
Dream home. Can we get one @anonamiss?
Supreme Mango Milk Crushed Ice with Pearls and Cake Jelly from MeetFresh
If the cover doesn't do it for you, the song will. *swooned*
The Budos Band at Sydney Festival's Daptone Super Soul Revue
Charles Bradley at Sydney Festival's Daptone Super Soul Revue
My evening :D
Office View, which isn't really so bad.
Xmas Light watching. No, it wasn't my idea.
Oh la la coffee cup. All cups should have this. Best part it was on $2
Flower Power throw pillow
Receiving this just made my whole week. Best FanFiction story ever.
Central Station
Hotpot dinner! Yumzors!
DIY Fridge Magnets. Hopefully they live at least a week
Hermits are fascinating
Kitty Pretzel!
Cheers! You absolute legend.
Red Pocket Money Macro shot with CrossProcess app