loves to capture the moments and stillness of life.. used NIKON D90, Xperia XA1, Xperia Z2, XPERIA ZL, ARC S, K550i, Moto g for snaptaking!
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Flock of birds flying over sea
Bare tree on field against sky
Close-up of orange flowers
Reflection of trees in lake against sky
View of buildings in city against cloudy sky
Reflection of illuminated buildings in city at night
High angle view of tomatoes for sale at market stall
Close-up of electric lamp against wall
Low section of man relaxing outdoors
Close-up of yellow tulips
Close-up of pink and purple flowers on table
Scenic view of lake against sky
Aerial view of landscape and mountains against sky
Crowd at music concert
Low angle view of power lines against sky
Low section of people standing on ground
Scenic view of river against sky
Close-up of window
Low angle view of illuminated lamp
Scenic view of silhouette trees against sky at sunset
Scenic view of lake against sky at sunset
Close-up of multi colored tree
Close-up of boats moored in lake
High angle view of shoes on table
Close-up of hand on shadow
Close-up of empty chair on table
Close-up of man wearing sunglasses
Road amidst trees in forest
Railing of grass
Close-up of electric lamp at home
View of building interior
Close-up of tree
Close-up of barbed wire fence against sky
High angle view of two birds in lake
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
Footbridge in forest
Close-up low angle view of tree
Empty chairs and tables
Close-up of human hand
Close-up of bird perching on ground
Close-up of birds on wall
Close-up of bird perching on wood
Close-up of animal skull
Close up of a zebra in field
Stone sitting on rock against trees
Horse grazing in field
Mallard duck on grass
Road by houses against blue sky
Empty bench in park
Close-up of grassy field
Car on road against clear sky
Traffic on road against cloudy sky
Information sign on road
Road in forest
View of buildings against blue sky
Close-up of clock
Scenic view of grassy field against sky
Lawn in lawn
Close-up of cat lying on bed
Low angle view of church against sky
Empty bench in park
Cars parked on road
Close-up of clock
View of buildings in city
Close-up of decorations
Close-up of food
Close-up of text on wall
Close-up of book on book
Close-up of wall over black background
Clock on wall
Close-up of food on table
Houses on grassy field against cloudy sky
Scenic view of mountains against clear sky
Low angle view of statue against white background
Built structures against the sky
Buildings in city
Low angle view of bare tree against sky
View of tunnel
Low angle view of modern building
Trees in a row
Illuminated tunnel
Bare trees in city
City buildings at dusk
Full length of woman walking on road
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Close-up of illuminated lamp
Silhouette of woman in sea at sunset
Close-up of object on wall
Full frame shot of metallic structure
Potted plants in pot
Close-up of metallic object over white background
Low section of man standing on tiled floor
Close-up of food on table
Close-up of wooden plank
Full frame shot of wall
Road passing through trees
Plant growing on field