Shannon Kirbie


Aussie boy, photographer, wannabe traveller.
A little me time
The history of Europe has often been dark and brutal. This is a beautiful place and a sobering reminder.
Tapas paid by the toothpick , amazing!
Beautiful views from the train to Montpellier.
Enjoying a little vin chaud with old and new friends
Edinburgh here I come darlings.
Bring on that clickity clack! Destination York
Guess where I've been today.
Another day exploring... Gotta get some sun while it lasts.
Having fun exploring the canals around Paddington.
All the fresh food in the UK, took me two months to collect it. LOL
London Pride... One word, DAMP.
Found a corner store that sells Aussie stuff. Best homesickness cure ever Happy :)
Finally, proper bedding... Next furniture, ooooo ahhhhhhh
Look what arrived just in time for May 4th
Good morning.
Do ou think they were compensating?
I pinched myself and look where I woke up.
24 hours stuck in plane was worth it!
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Melbourne Cool Would Like Extra Jam Please.
Melbourne Cool Loves A Good Avo Smash
Portrait Day Is A Fun Day
Melbourne Cool Is Shooting Up A Storm
Melbourne Cool Is Loving The Fisheye
Melbourne Cool Is Bargain Hunting
Coffee Time
Mmmm Melbourne Cool Loves Pizza
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Another of our favorite spreads from the upcoming Melbourne Cool book available from this Friday. We are peeing our pants with excitement
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The first draft Melbourne Cool book has arrived. A few changes to make but otherwise it looks awesome... So excited to see my work in print!
The best cure for a cold day, hot jam doughnuts and Melbourne Cool says Olympic doughnuts are the best.
Two o Melbourne Cools favorites. What are yours?
Working on the layout for the first Melbourne Cool book.
Melbourne Cool Says Save The Whales
Bargain Hunting
Melbourne Cool Loves An Interesting Find
For the serious Melbourne Cool pizza fan, head to the Mad Moose in Yarraville.
Melbourne Cool is entering a food coma. Mad Moose where have you been all our lives?
Melbourne Cool is relaxing in the Sun Theatre pop up park.
Melbourne Cool Is Lunching