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Purist @heart - πŸ’– conversing the majestic, most excellent, matchless and infinite worth of the Lord Jesus Christ! πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ‘Œ

Light Up Your Life Light And Shadow Light In The Darkness Light Of The World Contemplative Bedside Lamp Beauty In Simplicity
Leaving Cape Town for Johannesburg. From An Airplane Window From Where I Sit Cape Town Beauty
Air Travel  Timepiece ⌚ Telling Time Telling The Time Travel Time!!! Ortambointernational
This is "Lady", a BeautifulCalico Catoftheday who Arrived on our Doorstep a while back Taking Up Residence in our Home Sweet Home β™₯. What a Transformation ❀ from being Scraggly and Malnutritioned to Plump And Fit she's Turned Out Well
Misty Morning Taking Photos Early To Rise Catching The Best Of The Day Rose Bush South Africa Springs
Enjoying Life South Africa A Moment In Time Taking In The View Relaxing Chilling Out Cats Of EyeEm Catoftheday Needles Cat Forest Adventure Cat Watching Adventures
A Moment In Time Things I Like Delicate Beauty at the head of the Creator displaying His Glory and Beauty. Purity evidenced in His creative genius so that we may know He is and that He loves and Cares for us, Sustaining Life On Earth
Lighthouse_captures Lighthouse And Sea Lighthouse_lovers Shining The Light Umhlanga Beach Seaside Town Hanging Out Chillaxing ✌
Coffee - Drink Coffee Lover Cafe Latte Excellent Barrister Service Coffee β˜• Best Coffee @ Airport Relaxing Trip Photos Cape Town Beauty South Africa
What Motivates You? Morality Check This Out Contemplate .  Thinking Of Him Thinking Outside The Box Thinking About Life God Is Good Amazing Grace Seek Peace Pursue Peace Love Life ❀ Love Life Love God God Is Life β™‘
Fragile Beauty Mother And Kittens Babies Of Eyeem Babies Feeding A Moment In Time Beauty In Creation  South Africa Cats Chilling Cat Lovers Catoftheday Cats 🐱 Caturday Cats In Boxes Cats Of EyeEm Cats In Random Places so this is "Sadie", the cat we rescued from dogs attacking it - turns out she was pregnant with these six kittens...
Catoftheday Cats Of EyeEm Cat Lovers Cats Love Adventure Cats 🐱 Caturday Cats In Random Places Cats In Trees Cats Chilling Cat Nest
What's Your Greatest Desire? Highest Achievement Possible Infinite Splendour Majestic Insight Unfathomable Wisdom Unsearchable Riches Greatest Moment Greatest Glory Fullest ❀ Joy
Things I Like Something I Like Catching The Sun A Moment In Time Sunset Over Africa love the testimony that God has given us in the sunset - His faithfulness to us in keeping His promises! Not only do we have the witness of the beauty of the LORD Jesus Christ but creation too resounds His glory!
How Do You Live? Lifestyle And More Living Life To The Fullest❀ Loving Life ❀✌ The Way, The Truth, And The Life LORD Jesus Christ Word Of God
Love Life Love God Amazing Grace Admiring God's Beauty! Thinking Of Him What Motivates You? Thinking Outside The Box Beautiful God Is Life β™‘ Talking In The View South Africa Cape Town Beauty Capetown South Africa Cape Town
Texture And Surfaces Straw Mat Taking Photos Relaxing Turned Out Well Craftmanship Weaving Products Manufacture Crafting South Africa From Where I Sit Talking In The View
Roses Drinking In The Dew Misty Morning Flower Stalker Beauty In Creation  God's Glory On Display  Fragile Beauty South Africa A Moment In Time What's Your Greatest Desire?
What's your Attitude towards God's Word? Meditate Day And Night to be Prosperous in the real sense! True Reality can only be Discovered in Jesus Christ
Chloe cat Hanging Out as she Sunbathes, Soaking Up Sun, Taking In The View, Observing The Minions Loving Life  Drinking The Adoration Checking Out The Chickens South Africa
Catoftheday Cat Lovers Cat Lovers πŸ±πŸ’ž Sunbathing πŸ’—πŸ™ˆπŸ‘ŒπŸ’Ÿ Catching The Sun Soaking Up The Rays Soaking Up The Sunrise Cats Of EyeEm Catstagram Needles Something I Like really love the way the sunrise brings hope for a fresh and new day - the inevitability of life: change... Things I Like