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One Day Chilling;
One Day Chilling;
One Day Chilling;
One Day Before The Mall
Good Morning!
My Lil Nigga Be To Fresh!
I Can See It In Your Eyes You're Angry, Regret Got Shit On Wat You're Feeling Now
Long Night Ahead Of Me!
I Never Wear Make-up To Work; Lol So Brows
GoodMorning ;
Mall Earlier
Chill Day!
At The Jeanerette Parade About To Saddle My Horse Up #CountryShit
Fresh From The Baby Shower On My Baby Sis Horse
Ready For My God Child To Bust A Move! Lol
Baby Shower In A Few
Chill Night
My Daddy On Beauty Taken A Ride
Excuse Our Hitness; But Shes About To Get A Good Cleaning
Fresh Sew In; Chilling
Church This Morning
Earlier #Walmart
Last Night; Before Heading Out!
At Work
At Work
At Work
Hanging Out