Shaimeira Ocea


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The Ratch
Break Smile....
Model Shit
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Young & Reckless
My Ugly
Awww Man..
My Twin !!! Lls
Big Ass Bun
I Just Fell In Love..lls
Holes In Ya Cheeks !
Bun Bun
My Bandana..
Sometimes I Miss My Blonde Hair !
Ewwwww My Face...lmao...But Yea
OG All Day !
Pin Up !
Black An White
Sleep Is Needed..lls
I Just Cant... Sleep
Me An The Ugly
My Dimples
My ROD & I
Tha Kid...lls
Awwwww Shit!
You'll Love It !
BLACKY ! ....Lol Excuse My Face!
When I Get BORED!  Lls
Im Always Searchin
One Of Those Days...
Alex DumbAss...lls
When We Get Bored..lls
I Got Nothin But Love For Ya
Lookin Serious
Much Love
Soooo Cold!
One Of Those Days...
When Boredom Strikes....
I Cross My Heart On Some Real Shit.....
Everybody Switching Up Sides , Who Can You Trust ?
Shit Aint Sweet Nomore...
Me Lookin Tf