shadrukh kabir


I am a photography lover. Currently passed my MBBS degree. So you can call me a doctor also. I use Nikon D5300 with 55-200 mm and a 18-55 mm lens.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever Sun Sunset Sunset_collection Sunbeam Nature Nature_collection Droplet Drop Water Reflections Water_collection Beauty In Nature Color Colors Vibrant Color Backgrounds Sky Skyporn Close-up Vine - Plant Growing Bud Blooming Twig Leaf Vein Petal
Sunrays through the bud Retro Lonely Lonelyplanet Autumn Sky Landscape #Nature #photography Colorful Sun Rays Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Mobilephotography Cellphone Photography Sunset Vibrant Color Sunset Close-up Sky Blooming Plant Life In Bloom Flower Head Botany Single Flower Bud Growing
Moments Train Railway Men At Work  Streetphotography Lifestyles Bnw Blackandwhite Light And Shadow Full Length Men Standing Occupation Arts Culture And Entertainment City Text Street Art
Beautuful cosmos flower Nature Floral Photography Flora Floral Pattern Periwinkle Flower Head Flower Leaf Pink Color Petal Close-up Plant Green Color In Bloom Blooming Blossom Hibiscus Single Flower Cosmos Flower Plant Life Botany Stamen Pollen
Reflection on water Reflections In The Water Nature Lensculture Reflection Lake Water Cityscape Lake Business Finance And Industry Reflection Nautical Vessel Blue City Sky Landscape TOWNSCAPE Office Building Urban Skyline Tall - High Residential Structure
Rickshaw puller was riding a rickshaw with his passengers on it. Rickshaw Driver Passenger Urban Street Streetphotography Colorful Colorful Life Headwear Biker Cycling Helmet Sport Men Road Bicycle Adventure Motorcycle Motocross Motorized Vehicle Riding Cycling
Golden sunset from my rooftop Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Landscape Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography City Tree Cityscape Urban Skyline Illuminated Skyscraper Sunset Apartment Sky Architecture Dramatic Sky Residential Structure Tree Area Treetop Romantic Sky Moody Sky Long Shadow - Shadow
Sky is the limit Landscape #Nature #photography Landscape_photography Landscape_Collection Autumn Autumn Sky Cloudy Cloud Cloudscape Cloud - Sky Colorful Loneliness Lonelyplanet Alone Lonely Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Naturelovers Nature On Your Doorstep Naturephotography City Bird Modern Urban Skyline Skyscraper Cityscape Tree Business Finance And Industry Sky Architecture
Urban sunset from my rooftop Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography Landscape #Nature #photography Cloud - Sky Landscape Nature Earth Sunset Sunset_collection Sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape Nature_collection Nature Photography Naturelovers Nature On Your Doorstep Landscape_Collection Landscape Photography City Tree Sunset Illuminated Skyscraper Cityscape Sky Architecture Building Exterior Countryside Urban Skyline Tranquil Scene Calm Tranquility
A worker is working with sparks. Working Work Worker Lifestyles Street Streetphotography Streetlife Colors Sparks Blue Background Building Construction Illuminated Blue High Angle View Pattern Architecture Close-up Office Building Spiral Staircase Spiral Steps And Staircases Stairway Geometric Shape Building
Sunrays are coming out on early winter morning Nature Nature_collection Naturelovers Nature Photography Landscape_Collection Sunrays Sun Green Rays Of Light Tree Tree Area Shadow Forest Tree Trunk Sunlight Sky Landscape Grass Countryside Empty Road Growing Foggy Country Road
Micro droplet of water at sunset time Photography Sun Rays Autumn Sky Landscape #Nature #photography Sunset Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Naturelovers Drop Water Reflections Water_collection Colorful Colorful Sky Skyporn Sky Sunset_collection Water Sunset Sun Orange Color Sky Close-up Refraction Droplet Water Drop
power of music.He can't see with his eyes but music runs through his blood and his passion. So he has become street singer with his own made instrument. Music is his strength. Music Musiclover Musician Blinds Blind Street Street Photography Streetphoto_bw Bnw Bw_collection Bw_lover Photography This Is Strength Period Costume Old-fashioned Happiness Men Fun Close-up Warrior - Person
Sunset from my rooftop Photography Naturescape Landscape_photography Landscape #Nature #photography Landscape_Collection Autumn Sky Autumn Landscape Nature Nature_collection Naturelovers Nature_perfection Sunset Sunset_collection Sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape Tree Palm Tree Red Sky Close-up Single Tree Treetop Long Shadow - Shadow Growing Plant Life
Physically weak but mentally always strong Lifestyles Life Oldman Oldie  Oldschool People Peoplephotography People Watching This Is Strength Standing Young Men Knit Hat Front View Chainlink Fence Casual Clothing Cage Captivity Trapped Confined Space
Struggling with eye sight but never compromise to work for his life. This Is Strength Portrait Headshot Human Face Looking At Camera Front View Close-up Iris - Eye Eyeball Vision Human Eye Eyelash Eyelid Eye Color Textured  Eye Iris
A constructed building with green leaves and some clouds. Naturescape Naturalbangladesh Photography Photographyislife Photoofday AwesomeDay Cloud Cloud - Sky Cloudscape Autumn Autumn Sky Cloudy Cityscape Landscape_photography Tree Sky Architecture Office Building Residential Structure Building Tall - High Skyscraper
Natural beauty of countryside Tree Sunset Rural Scene Agriculture Field Sky Landscape Cultivated Land Agricultural Field Rice Paddy Tranquility Tranquil Scene Calm Countryside Terraced Field Crop  Plantation Farmland
Welcome to the green world Landscape_photography Landscape #Nature #photography Landscape_Collection Street Road Green Green World World Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Naturelovers Nature On Your Doorstep Naturelovers Tree Road Men Tricycle Land Vehicle Moving Road Marking Empty Road Vehicle
Ariel view of my city where i grew up as a child City Bridge Cityscape Landscape_photography Landscape #Nature #photography Landscape_Collection Colorful Road Street Retro Cloudscape Cloud - Sky Cloudy Cloud Urban
Minimalistic photography of a boat on river Lonely Lonelyplanet Loneliness Alone All Alone Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography Landscape #Nature #photography Boatman Lone Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Naturelovers Nature On Your Doorstep Water Nautical Vessel Rowing Aerial View Blue High Angle View Oar Adventure Drone  Boat Water Vehicle Wake - Water Sailing
Majestic sky and the lonely bird's story Lonely Lonelyplanet Loneliness All Alone Cloud Cloud - Sky Cloudscape Autumn Landscape_photography Landscape_Collection Landscape #Nature #photography Cloudy Alone Lone Autumn Sky Retro Bird Tree Sunset Silhouette Tree Trunk Sky Animal Themes Dramatic Sky Atmospheric Mood Lightning Sky Only Power In Nature
Lonely evening silhouette Lonely Retro Alone Loneliness Lonelyplanet All Alone Cloudscape Cloudy Autumn Autumn Sky Silhouette Silhouette_collection People Friend Colors Lifestyles Sunset Silhouette Sky Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Atmospheric Mood Lightning Railing
Rising of a new sun with a new hope. Sunrise Sun Sunny Dark Landscape Landscape_Collection Morning Morning Sky Morning Sun Morning Light Landscape_photography Landscape #Nature #photography Tree Astronomy Silhouette Sky Single Tree Treetop Sky Only Long Shadow - Shadow
All alone in a river.. River Nature Landscape Photography Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography Nature Photography Nature_collection Blue Water Boat Boatman Boating Alone Alone Time Lonely Loneliness Sportsman Full Length Sport Clear Sky Adventure Snow Winter Beauty Golfer Calm Stream Tranquil Scene Scenics
Into the green world Hill Hill Track Hilly Green Green Nature Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Naturelovers Nature_perfection Landscape Landscape_photography Landscape_Collection Agriculture Tree Field Grass Green Color Plant Cultivated Land
Guy walking through a railway track Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Naturelovers Naturesbeauty Naturescape Nature Photography Landscape Stranger Full Length Railroad Track Back Rear View Rail Transportation Human Back City Politics And Government Sky Calm Countryside Railroad Tie Foggy Woods Parallel
Birds are going back on thier nest twilight time Landscape Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography Landscape Photography Twilight Golden Hour Trees Tranquility Calm Serenity Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Naturelovers Nature Photography Bird Tree Flying Sunset Flamingo Flock Of Birds Silhouette Mid-air Spread Wings Togetherness Migrating Agricultural Field
Good morning world City Cityscape Tree Bicycle City Life Cycling City Street Street Sky Architecture Urban Road Rickshaw Tricycle Jinrikisha Moving Urban Skyline Skyscraper Office Building Downtown District Elevated Road
Lonely boatman sitting on a river Boatman Lone Lonely Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography Landscape #Nature #photography Landscapes River River View Riverbank Riverscape Riverside Photography River Collection Green Tree Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Naturelovers Nature On Your Doorstep Water Nautical Vessel Tree River Landscape Rowboat Fishing Boat Boat Anchored
Colorful ballon seller and traditional rickshaw Tree City Balloon Multi Colored Women Street Sky Bicycle City Street Riding Bunch Blooming Clown
Autumn sky with clouds Cloud - Sky Cloud Cloudscape Cloudy Autumn Sky Autumn Cityscape City Cityscape Apartment Urban Skyline Skyscraper Tree Modern Residential Building Low Downtown District Residential Structure Office Building Rooftop
Yammy pasta delicious Pasta Pasta Time Pastaporn Yammy!!  Delicious Colorful Foodporn Foodphotography Foodie Foodlover Foodgasm Shakes Drinks City Seafood Close-up Food And Drink
Stranger in town Full Length Men Architecture Tunnel Underpass Arched Archway Moving Walkway  Subway Underground Walkway Silhouette Arch Hiker Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Beautiful kitty Pets Portrait Feline Domestic Cat Looking At Camera Leopard Close-up Kitten Yellow Eyes Ginger Cat Tabby Cat Cat
Lonely night Lonely Walking Alone Loneliness Lonelyplanet All Alone Road Street Streetphotography Tree Full Length City Winter Illuminated Empty Road Crosswalk Hiker The Way Forward Roadways Tree Topper
Foggy winter morning Foggy Morning Winter Winter Morning Sun Rays Morning Retro Tree City Sky Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior
Urban moonlit night City Cityscape Urban Skyline Illuminated Skyscraper Moon Nightlife City Life Sky Architecture Full Moon Downtown District Calm