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In my world
Am worried, that I will fell down the cliff. .
Missing home especially my bed nigga Wotd Polerstuff Home
Full blast out to the sea! Jet skit
Far far away! Parachute
Spot the crocodile.
Waited hours just for this moment. Will upload the full sunset at fb.
Time check 4:44am. Cheers to our getaway trip to Batam!
"Guy kissing the girl"
Friendship goal✔
Peacefulness at every corner of the world
GABU GABU Friendship
AWAY FROM URBAN CITY Colours Photography Rural Fishing village
To the next stage of my life. National service.
Batur active volcano. Last eruption 2000 INDONESIA
My first step to cross this bridge. Rural 2013
An apple a day keeps the doctor far far away🍎
I will miss the outside world.
我是一只小小小小鸟 想要飞呀飞 却飞也飞不高.我寻寻觅觅寻寻觅觅一个温. - DingDang Inspiration
Heading down to river. Cant wait to play. Nervious Rafting INDONESIA Anticpate Hot sunburn
2.5 duration. Its really wild and exicting. Recommend u guys to try. No Fear! Rafting Exicting dangerous Bali Indonesia hot wave river cousins
Friendship is all about sharing. @ohsweetbullocks @baharath
I am still Alive!! Malaysia Sun Rise Morning september
We're from 4th company platoon 1 section 1!! LastNight Brothers
The beauty of nature. Taken by nikon d3200 Nature INDONESIA Leaves Tree relax
Niggas x Pororo I love you guys !
Hi Galaxy s4. Samsung Galaxy S4
The beauty of nature. Taken by nikon d3200 INDONESIA Bali Sea Wave steps relax cliff
Saturday hiking at MacRitchie🚶
A perfect moment at 25th floor
台湾甜品 Dessert Mango 1210
The beauty of nature. Taken by nikon d3200. INDONESIA Bali Wave Windy relax nikon d3200
Hey bro.
Pampered myself before going field camp next week💪. Poulet
Infinity pool at 57th floor
Back in Singapore. My trip was enjoyable.Taken by nikon d3200. Singapore INDONESIA Nikon d3200 Tree skies relax
Balancing life⏳
The day before they going back Australia.
Peaceful Boy under de orange sun Cny Gaming 2014
Field camp over lo!
Jellyfish in the house! 👐
photoshop Cs5 .1 kills me.
Fish and chips after field camp!
Warm saturday. Blue Teen Boy Professional hot
画皮 Thank you everyone from Whiteroomproductions *_*
Cause field camp is over dinner at MOF
OH YEAH Finger Lickin' Good. Behind me @lmlmj Behind Behind me @mazrihercules. Wonderful PEOPLE to hang out.☆
Let's go surf! Beach 2015
Peacefulness at every corner of the world. Peaceful Bali Cliff Relax wave iphone blue green.
2 more weeks and will be thru. Army
It had been a long time since last post. And I gotta feeling ! Lebua
Yesterday we lost a founding father of Singapore. Thank you for how much you have done for this nation. RIP Mr Lee.
Cheers everyone. Haze is gone..
Where Hangover 2 take place. Lebua and now it reminds me of PSY.
Every story has an ending. But in life every ending is just a new beginning. Platoon 1 section 1 the best bros I have in my 4 months of training. POP lo!
Hello (:
C R O O K E D Death railway Kanchanaburi
I may not reach them, but i can look up and see their beauty. D3200
260614 Citylight Lebua Goodnight
Brothers. Means I will always come for you. No matter what the cost.
See who welcome me back home? Hometown Dog
Girll Fish with Herb at Astons. With @rongquannn @zerfonrebels @berwinnnn
Jan Brueghel the Younger's Triump Of Death (c1620). One of my most favourite paintings: No one can escape death Princelytreasure  Museum Singapore Painting Art
My two sheepy like dogs falling asleep🐑💤 Dog
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." -Anthony G. Oettinger. It's already been one week.. never regretted working for this year halloween horror nights 4. Love you guys! Ps these are the only photos I have in my phone. HHN4
Son why you wear your ID tag out? WTF! what has army done to me.
Soo bright🌞
The weather need to maintain.☔
Hey buddy stay healthy till the next time we meet again. Master of selfie award goes to you Dog
Happy meal. Japanese
Dine at ROCKU YAKINIKU. With @liewjiaquan
07:10 AM flight
What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us. Quote Inspiration
Alert: Unglam face🚨🌁 Haze
Today is my birthday..finally  evolve  to level 21!! Time really flies so fast... I hope it can slow down just for me. Here I would like to thank my parents  for raising me up. I will stay safe and sound.  To all my friends who wished me thank you for knowing me. And to those friends who are  really close to me thank you for your friendship and caring. Here I wish you all to stay happy and most importantly,healthy. P.s my birthday fall on my internship.  Hope to see you guys soon!! Let's work hard in life.
Dj Nadd in the house Chateaux
My most defining moment.
Today is the day we graduate! 🎓
Time check 5:30am Goodnight niggas 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻
First Eyeem Photo