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In my world
Am worried, that I will fell down the cliff. .
Missing home especially my bed nigga Wotd Polerstuff Home
Full blast out to the sea! Jet skit
Far far away! Parachute
Spot the crocodile.
Waited hours just for this moment. Will upload the full sunset at fb.
Time check 4:44am. Cheers to our getaway trip to Batam!
"Guy kissing the girl"
Friendship goal✔
Peacefulness at every corner of the world
GABU GABU Friendship
AWAY FROM URBAN CITY Colours Photography Rural Fishing village
To the next stage of my life. National service.
Batur active volcano. Last eruption 2000 INDONESIA
My first step to cross this bridge. Rural 2013
An apple a day keeps the doctor far far away🍎
I will miss the outside world.
我是一只小小小小鸟 想要飞呀飞 却飞也飞不高.我寻寻觅觅寻寻觅觅一个温. - DingDang Inspiration
Heading down to river. Cant wait to play. Nervious Rafting INDONESIA Anticpate Hot sunburn
2.5 duration. Its really wild and exicting. Recommend u guys to try. No Fear! Rafting Exicting dangerous Bali Indonesia hot wave river cousins
Friendship is all about sharing. @ohsweetbullocks @baharath
I am still Alive!! Malaysia Sun Rise Morning september
We're from 4th company platoon 1 section 1!! LastNight Brothers
The beauty of nature. Taken by nikon d3200 Nature INDONESIA Leaves Tree relax
Niggas x Pororo I love you guys !
Hi Galaxy s4. Samsung Galaxy S4
The beauty of nature. Taken by nikon d3200 INDONESIA Bali Sea Wave steps relax cliff
Saturday hiking at MacRitchie🚶
A perfect moment at 25th floor
台湾甜品 Dessert Mango 1210
The beauty of nature. Taken by nikon d3200. INDONESIA Bali Wave Windy relax nikon d3200
Hey bro.
Pampered myself before going field camp next week💪. Poulet
Infinity pool at 57th floor
Back in Singapore. My trip was enjoyable.Taken by nikon d3200. Singapore INDONESIA Nikon d3200 Tree skies relax
Balancing life⏳
The day before they going back Australia.
Peaceful Boy under de orange sun Cny Gaming 2014
Field camp over lo!
Jellyfish in the house! 👐
photoshop Cs5 .1 kills me.
Fish and chips after field camp!
Warm saturday. Blue Teen Boy Professional hot
画皮 Thank you everyone from Whiteroomproductions *_*
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