S Garrison


I am nothing without my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ...
Christmas time
Fungi Mushrooms
Last Picnic of the Summer
Nothing better to qwench your thirst.
Not quite camouflaged
Praying Mantis saying Hello
Bird House Vacancy
Family Home restored
Country Living
Summer Time
Praying Mantus closeup
Summer blooms
Double Lily blossom
Summer is here, flowers in bloom
Memory of a soul...
Travel of days gone by
Hen's and Chicks closeup
I love closeups..
Different types of Sedum
Hens and Chickens
Morganton Depot
Yard Decoration
Cat Diva
Cat just chillin
Camper Birdhouse
Church Birdhouse
Country Living
Country Living
Country Living
Yard decoration
Yard decoration
Yard decoration
Barber Shop
Snowball bush flowers
Purple flower
Breeze-way downtown Walk Way
Habiscas Flower
Loved the texture these hosta had thru the photo Texture Plant
Christmas family picture
RePicture Giving spreading joy
Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas
Christmas Tree Rocking Horse
Christmas Tree