Just a little girl, art lover and proud freak enjoying life. Freiburg, Germany.
having some fun on a bicye tour at the last sunny autumn day Fun Bicycle Autumn Sunny Day
on the streets of Freiburg Streetphotography Blackandwhite Music
cuties! Love Couple Sundown
looking through some old holiday photos.. missing koh tao. Holiday Sea Thailand
being a little bit creative on monday evening. (not finished yet) Drawing Girl Monochrome_Monday
just a little Snapshot, but I like it. (I'm actually trying to draw it.. let's see what I create)
last flowers this year? Flowers Autumn
I think my cat likes my father's old camera.. Cat Chilling Yashica
thats what happens if bubbles and kids are clashing.. Streetphotography Stockholm Bubbles Holidays
on the streets of Stockholm Bubbles Streetphotography Holidays
Streetphotography Sunny Day Autumn Taking Photos
Last Days Of The Summer Beach Holiday
Just Me Girl Roses Autumn
another one of the fun shooting in may Colourful Friends Taking Photos Girl
Sweden Holiday Lake Enjoying Life
another one of my really beautiful swedish cousin.<3 Girl Holiday Sweden Blackandwhite
my cute swedish cousin :-) Summer Sweden Lake Holiday
In my favourite holiday country Sweden :-) Holiday Lake Schattenspiel
Sunny Hot Day Hanging Out With Friends Snapshot
Summer ! Hanging Out Holidays Sunny Day
♡ Bestfriend Love Sunny Day
France Holiday Last Year
Hanging Out Snapshot Sunny Day
our schools proom for the project 'school without racism - school with courage' Snapshot Balloons
music makes my heart beat. Concert Music Heartbeat Moments
summertime - thailand-time! koh tao<3 Summer Beach Summertime Thailand
the sun is a photographer's best friend.
Summer Bestfriend
Night Lights
love this weather! Summer Swimming Lake Sunny Day
Sundown Schattenspiel
Hanging Out Bestfriend Sunny Day
spicery market Travelling Warsaw Spices
yesterday .. Colourful Bestfriends
enjoying the last vacation days! Taking Photos Colourful Bestfriends
good morning world! Good Morning
love ya, bro :-* Birthday Birthday Cake Bestfriend
lalelulove ♡ Love Chillin With My Cat JustMe
Birds Waiting For Spring
springtime ? Flowers Spring Sunny Day
Hanging Out Bestfriend
Berlin ! Black And White Street Photography Hyberlin My Fuckin Berlin
My Love <3 #JustMe Chillin With My Cat