c o m r a d e b a e


light captured. life captured.
Dreams money can buy...
World view?
heart and heaven together...
What the ants see...
Everything the light touches is our kingdom - Mufasa LightCaptured
We are shadows and portraits. Empires of life and clay. Images of our maker... sinners called out as saints... Silhouettes
Empires Of Light And Clay
White shirts & knitwear FridayOfficeGear ClassicMan TopMan Zaraman
Capture The Moment Caught In The Wind
I grew older and I stopped judging people who live off bubbles...
Glitch Silhouettes ImagesOfOurMaker Empires Thechase Water Life
His&hers 😚 MrCEO👑 MissCEO👒
I Love My City Jhb NorthKid First Eyeem Photo