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Critical, analytical, optimistic, challenging.A keen social networker, computer hardware engineer, aircraft enthusiast,& more
Reflection Mobilephotography Shadow Reflections Tugboat River Riverside Boat Water Vehicle Dock Port
Decay Decay River Mobilephotography Riverside Tide Mud Bycicle Bike Backgrounds Shadow Full Frame Sunlight Textured  High Angle View Close-up
The tide is out River Riverside Mobilephotography Tide Bike Bycicle Decay Mud Shadow Shadow Sunlight
River Riverside Tide Bycicle Decay Mobilephotography Mud Textured
Happy Halloween my first attempt at pumpkin curving Illuminated Christmas Decoration Christmas Anthropomorphic Face Close-up
still blooming Flower Garden Rosé Close-up
fading summer Sunflowers🌻 Sun Flowers Flower Garden Flower Flower Head Plant Sky
camouflage Camouflage Camouflage Insect Insect Close-up Green Color Animal Antenna Grasshopper
perfect camouflage Camouflage Macro Photography Macro Beauty Leaf Flower Close-up Plant Green Color
flower garden Flower Garden Sun Flowers Herb Green Color Grass Purple Close-up Blooming Flower Head Pollen In Bloom
my Amazon Leaf Close-up Plant Green Color Growing Young Plant Leaves Plant Life Stem
calming Flower Multi Colored Variation Close-up Blooming Plant Life In Bloom Petal Pollen Botany
my little Amazon Leaf Close-up Plant Green Color Plant Life Leaves Growing Young Plant Stem
tasty flowers Tree Leaf Close-up Blooming Pollen Blossom Plant Life Wildflower In Bloom
My kids 😊 Friendship Portrait Child Childhood Smiling Girls Togetherness Looking At Camera Females Cheerful
note 8 capture Flower Flower Head Close-up Plant
note 8 capture Flower Flower Head Leaf Close-up Architecture Blooming Plant Building Exterior Built Structure
My Garden 😍 Flower Head Flower Yellow Petal Springtime Beauty Water Poppy Hibiscus Summer
beach life Taking Photos My Kids Child Females Boys Girls Bonding Ankle Deep In Water Sand Pail And Shovel
just being a kid Taking Photos My Daughter ♥ Kids Sand Dune Water Sand Pail And Shovel Baby Beach Holiday
Reflection Reflection Sphere Taking Photos Mobilephotography Spider Web Green Color Green Insect Leaf Close-up Green Color Greenery
Walking to Work "Fun" Snow Snow ❄ Cold Temperature Taking Photos Weather Ice Fun Times ^_^ UnderSea Bird Beach Animal Themes Sky Idyllic Countryside
Fun times Family Fun Times ^_^ Taking Photos Snow ❄ Snow Weather Cold Temperature Kids
fun times Weather Snow Fun Times ^_^ Taking Photos Cold Temperature Snow ❄ Family
Fun times Weather Snow Taking Photos Snow ❄ Cold Temperature Fun Times ^_^
winter chills Weather Snow Snow ❄ Cold Temperature Taking Photos
winter chills Weather Snow Snow ❄ Taking Photos Cold Temperature
winter chills Weather Snow Snow ❄
My kids Wishes you All a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.😊💚 My Kids Photography Love Family Taking Photos Fun Looking At Camera People Happiness Togetherness Childhood
Childhood Mybaby Daughters My Princess Taking Photos Having Fun
Babygirl Child MyPrincess💕 Birthdaygirl Happiness
Daughter Happiness Love My Princess💘 Birthdaygirl
Beauty In Nature Agriculture Field Rural Scene Morning Light Outdoors Scenics Tree Landscape
Flowerporn Blossom Outdoors Summer Freshness Beauty In Nature
My Princess PricelessMoment My Kids❤️ Summer Family Taking Photos
Family My Kids❤️ Having Fun PricelessMoment Summer
Taking Photos Nature Grasses Flowering Grasses Are Beautiful Too
Mobile Photography Hedgehog Photoediting
Poppy Flower Nightshot Photoediting Beauty In Nature Wildflower
Mobile Photography Bird Feeder Editing Photos Through The Window Summer Time
Flower Sunflower🌻 Summer Time  Beauty In Nature Night Shot Mobile Photography
Flower Beauty In Nature Natural Pattern Beautiful Nature #rose #beauty #nature #flower #love eyeem sun
Taking Photos Beautiful Nature🌿🍃🌸 Grass Outdoors Natural Pattern
Indoors  Relaxing Priceless Moment  Taking Photos Photoshoot Editing Photos
Childhood Innocence My Kids❤️ Photo Editing Taking Pictures Love ♥ Pricelessmoments
My Kids. Priceless Moment  Taking Picture Indoors  Family Mobile Photography Photo Editing
My Princess Baby Taking Photos Flower Love. Calls Every Flower Yellow 💛💛💛
Indoors  My Princess Relaxing Taking Photos Summer Family PricelessMoment Love
Bird Duck Animal Wildlife Taking Photos The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Mobile Photography
Frog Nature Under Growth Animals In The Wild Close-up Taking Photos
Animal Wildlife Frog Under Growth Nature
Tranquility River View Riverside Water
Silhouette Urban Skyline Historical Building Historical Monuments Rochester Castle
Boats⛵️ Riverside Taking Pictures Medway River Medway
My Kids Sunlight Outdoors Happiness
Togetherness My Wife And Daughter  Bonding Happiness Smiling
Togetherness Childhood Family Happiness My Kids Cheerful Smiling
Flower Beauty In Nature Petal Nature Blooming
Flower Beauty In Nature Close-up Pollen Passion Flower
TreePorn Tree Trunk Bonsai Tree Nature Tree
Tree Tree Trunk TreePorn Nature
Bonsai Tree Plant Tree Nature Beauty In Nature Indoor Plants
My Son ❤ Summer Beachlife Taking Photos Pricelessmoments  Funny Moments Funtimes
Funny Moments My Oldest Daughter My Daughter ❤️ Precious Moments No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography Funtimes Taking Photos
No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography Precious Moments My Daughter ❤️ Hanging Out My Oldest Daughter Funtimes Funny Moments Taking Photos
Toddler  My Daughter ❤️ Funtimes Funny Moments Precious Moments My Youngest Taking Photos No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography
Taking Photos Sleeping Beauty Mylittleprincess My Daughter ♥ trusting her to take herself to bed
My Wife ♡ Taking Photos Precious Moments
Rose🌹 Summer Taking Photos No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography
Rose🌹 Taking Photos Summer Nature
Hanging Out My Kids Family❤ Precious Moments Pricelessmoments
Taking Photos Photo Editing Black And White My Daughter ♥ My Youngest
Hanging Out Taking Photos My Daughter ♥ My Youngest Naping
Taking Photos Flowers NaturalBeauty Nature Flowerporn
Hanging Out My Daughter ♥ My Youngest Taking Photos
Photography Wildlife & Nature Mice Wouldham
Taking Photos Photography Riverside Low Tide Relaxing Hdr Edit
Relaxing Taking Photos Riverside Low Tide Sunset
Taking Photos Relaxing Sunset Riverside
Taking Photos Riverside Low Tide Relaxing Photography
Taking Photos Castle Rochester Riverside
Taking Photos Hanging Out Shadows Boating
Taking Photos Relaxing Photowalk Shadow Photo Editing
Taking Photos Hanging Out Bridge Shadows
Taking Photos Relaxing Photo Walk Rochester Hdr Edit
Taking Photos Riverside Hanging Out Rochester
Taking Photos Riverside Hanging Out Photo Walk
Relaxing Taking Photos Hanging Out Riverside
Taking Photos Spring Flowers Yellow Relaxing
Taking Photos Spring Has Arrived Spring Flowers Yellow
Taking Photos Spring Flowers Relaxing Spring Has Arrived
Taking Photos Riverside Footprints Hdr Edit Springtime
Taking Photos Riverside Birdwatching Hdr Edit Springtime
Taking Photos Photo Walk Photo Editing Hdr Edit
Taking Photos Relaxing Hanging Out Hello World Black & White
Taking Photos Enjoying My Day Off My Kids Selfportrait
Taking Photos Enjoying My Day Off My Kids Selfportrait
Taking Photos Tea Break Nightphotography Night Lights
Taking Photos Cold Spring Winter Time Cold ⛄ Photography
Taking Photos Tea Break Photography Birdwatching