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Battlefield God I Don't Usually Post If I Didn't Take The Picture, But This One Just Needed To Be Said. Information Information Sign Jesus No People Prayer Text
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This is the largest checkerboard I have ever seen. Five ft, by five ft. with game pieces appropriately sized. Now..THAT'S the way to ply chess! Checkerboard Checkers Chessboard Domestic Room Gameroom Home Homeiswheretheheartis
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I planted 4tiny sunflower bulbs in front of my townhouse where you need permission to plant grass. They all grew to over 6 ft fall! I felt justified. Nature had taken her own beautiful revenge on the homeowner's association. Beauty In Nature Blooming Blossom Butterflies Butterflies And Flowers Close-up Flower Flower Head Focus On Foreground Fragility Freshness Goldenmoments Green Color Growth Homeiswheretheheartis In Bloom Myfrontyard Nature Outdoors Petal Plant Pollen Sunflower Thisweekoneyeem Tranquility
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I eas privileged to stand this close. it was cool. After PT. A refreshing hello. squirrel climbing tree Columbia physical therapy health club Hello World Squirrel tree nature TheWeekOnEyeEM EyeemPhotos Instagram
AugustphotochallengeWrappedin Toilet Paper Urban Art Color Of Life Instagram Thisweekoneyeem EyeemPhotos Interior Style
Finally able to stand and put on makeup after much time recovering from a back surgery gone bad. That's Me Hello World Hi! Enjoying Life Columbia MD Empowered Women handicapped women People Together By August 3 2016 People Together Beautiful
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