Sean D. Elliot


Visual journalist at The Day in CT.
One last stop before we head home.
Young helmsmen at the wheel of the L.A. Dunton.
Kaitlyn examines the figurehead exhibit.
Goofing around!
Second stop, whaleboat demo at the seaport.
First stop ... Visiting the Salty Dogs for a haircut ...
rather liking these subtle fall tones. Fall Colors Foliage
no more goldens ... sigh ...
it's that time of year!
alfredo fans.
me ... and my shadow.
we can hope for better smiles at school today! Pictureday
this is what happens when i pick-up a weekend shift!?!
schucking the corn for dinner! Yummy!
first Monday of the school year!
Ctsun Take floor to face Chicagosky Wnba
Gov. Malloy addresses the ceremony. MorganLaunch MysticSeaport
a standing room only crowd. MorganLaunch MysticSeaport
Large spectator flotilla in Mystic River. MorganLaunch MysticSeaport
gathering crowds. MorganLaunch MysticSeaport
whaleboat parade. MorganLaunch MysticSeaport
a mess on I-95 after an early-morning TT fire.
Women's hitch class draft horse competition.
Antique tractor.
Junior dairy goat showmanship judging.
The Day's fireworks livestream crew preps for the show. DaySailfest
Dancing to Santa Mamba on the pier. DaySailfest
Shoulder to shouldet crowds on Bank St. DaySailfest
Your officials for tonight will be ...
Chicago Sky warm-up b-4 playing CT Sun.
Garden State Fireworks techs load shells for big show. DaySailfest
Mashantucket Pequot Educational Powwow
Mashantucket Pequot Educational Powwow
Mashantucket Pequot Educational Powwow
Mashantucket Pequot Educational Powwow
Mashantucket Pequot educational Mashantucket Pequot Educational Powwow
Mashantucket Pequot educational powwow
Tough day on the job. Waiting for the fireworks.
Horses and riders en-rout to the parade. 4th Of July
Antique farm decor.
One canine resident.
The majority population.
Learning how to stand. #rdayuscga
Swab company drills. #rdayuscga
Cadre give marching lessons. #rdayuscga
Learning to eat like a swab. #rdayuscga
Cadre in control. #rdayuscga
Learning the basics in the Running Light. #rdayuscga
Just another day downtown.
First stage, the side-roll, complete.
Roll complete. Chain piled for storage.
Necessary hardware to move a 300-ton whaleship.
Waiting for the Carles W. Morgan side-roll.
Whale ship Charles W. Morgan still obscured by staging. Awaiting the big reveal.
A sea of happy graduate faces.
The graduates line-up for the procession.
Making final cap and gown adjustments.
Class of 2013 queue's up for commencement.
Miss Connecticut contestants pose for photos.
Miss Connecticut contestant arrives.
Miss Connecticut pageant contestants arrive.
Dinner rush! #TBT
Dinghies at the dock.
A mating pair of cicadas.
Cicada climbing the tree.
Cicadas following the call of nature into the treetops.
Cicada "hunting"
Families await arrival of CT National Guard 248th Engineering Co.
Lettering the transom of the whaleship Charles W. Morgan.
Picked up a rider covering the Chelsea Botanical Gardens Butterfly Pavilion fundraiser.
Oar blades sport Harvard colors.
8-man shell rigged for the regatta.
Rowers warm-up on the ergs.
Harvard crew begin to prepare for 148th Harvard/Yale Regatta.
Schooner Alabama departs New London.
The final result ... Joe cool haircut.
A very serious customer.
Acoustic tune accompany this haircut.
Acoustic jam session to make wait for haircut more entertaining.
Bishop Cote leads the recessional.
St. Bernard HS graduates process into the cathedral.
St. Bernard HS graduates march to the cathedral for commencement.
Keel mount and stern planking, whaleship Charles W. Morgan.
"Peening" a through-rivet on whaleship Charles W. Morgan.
Boy Scout leader carries the flag.
Watching the Memorial Day parade.
Flags for my kids watching the parade.
Norwich police color guard lead Memorial Day parade down Broadway.
The class of 2013 processes in.
The crowd begins to filter in for commencement.
Hands Across the Sands crashes a day at the beach.
Mother's Day photos.
Cadet Regimental Commanders review corps of cadets.
Penguin chicks come out for first swim.
EL middle schoolers learn about colonial era firearms.
EL Middle schoolers learn about oxen.
A little chilly on the New Lindon waterfront viewing Coast Guard Barque Eagle.
Touring Coast Guard Barque Eagle.