Siobhain Britt Láscari


Interior Design Major. Fashion Minor. Acrylic artist. Van Gogh Amatör. Laredo/San Marcos,Tx. TXSTATE.
After ?
Before ?
Breakfast at Tiffany's kind of night
Vincent Van Gogh
Live a little
Starting the day good
Stars and denim.
I love my family
Campus looks beautiful today
I miss my room
We love you ?
Thank you God for Geo.
Descansa en Paz Chavo
Love is in the air
Ready for laredo!
My new netherland/lionhead bunny ✔
L I F E ∆
Zen yourself ➡
End Table Party w/ Gaga ◀◀
Pixelated Vincent Van Gogh. Painting by: Siobhain Britt Láscari.
End Table Party w/ Marilyn ◀◀
• Penny • Bunnyparty
My happy place ◻ ⚪ Interiordesign
™ || Elle Fashion
Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci
My sunshine; G. First Eyeem Photo